ByJohn Fischer·Sep 16·Prime

Getting Ready to purchase a PRIME...

What options do you regret getting or not getting at the time you purchased?


ByWarren Bravo·Sep 11·Prime

speed setting

I've just took delivery of my Prime this past Friday, couldn't be happier with the bike! I'm have some issues trying to set the speed limit on the display as it's a different menu set up from what I can find on YouTube or the manual. I don't have a

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I have a Nyx and there's like zero documentation that I can find. There's a button on the side by the key hole. WHAT DOES IT DO?!

Trail bike geometry.

Hi. What are the geometry of the frame for the trail bike?


ByMax Shojaie·Aug 12, 2020·Feature Request

Feature Request


Please share your requested features with us. Like the feature, if you're also interested in. The most popular features will be added.

Thank you


ByYounes Shojaie·Aug 13, 2020·Photo Gallery

Nireeka Ebike Gallery

Post the pictures of your Nireeka ebike here.

New website is here!

We're proud to announce our new website. This website is the result of one year of hard-working in engineering, designing, and programming all done by the Nireeka team.

This website is re-engineered and is entirely brand new. Here are the main sections of the new website:

1. New Shop:

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ByBrad Bimson·Aug 17·Prime

Bike is non-responsive less than 24 hours after assembling

Got the bike on Monday. Assembled it and rode it that night and again when I got home on Tue. In the middle of my Tue night ride, the bike just shut off and will not re-start or re-boot. All the wiring that I can get to checks out fine.

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Prime Replacement Battery

So I ordered the highest capacity battery for my early build Prime. Awaiting a few days for a confirmation and crickets. Im anxious to get my bike back up and running. Can anyone please provide any ideas on lead time to Ca?


ByMichael Means·Nov 23, 2021·Prime

Taking the Prime kickstand off

Does anyone know how to remove the prime kickstand. It rattles too much and I would like to take it off but don't know how.

Standard or custom

Just wondering if the NSD will be on the PRIME that I ordered?

Homie battery longevity

For those who are curious, I'm happy to report that after three years my original Homie battery is about to the pass 10,000 kilometer mark. This battery has recently been struggling when climbing steep hills under full power but is still going.


Here is a quick demonstration of the final version of the NSD.

We're using a touchscreen 6.53 inches smartphone-type display with 720x1600 pixels resolution on the NSD.

All the promised features are included.

The NSD will be replaced with your current Nireeka display. It's plug&play.


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How much weight is too much for an ebike?

Homie computer error 8

How do I fix this? My throttle doesn't work at all. The rear tire was repaired. There was no barrel connection for easy repair. We know we turn on the bike computer and it says Error 8. Please help.

turn the engine on without removing the batterie

hi people,

is there any way to turn the engine on without removing the battery and push the button?


I was wandering where this bike ships from and the time frame for delivery toFrankfort Kentucky in the USA.

Larger motor for Homie

Has anyone tried to swap the 500w motor for a larger motor on the Homie????


BySimon H·Aug 20, 2021·Feature Request

Would be great to have motorcross type seat, more comfortable

Reconfigure the frame for a motorcross type seat. Motorcross type seats are way more comfortable to sit on. A wide seat would be my preference. Don't offer a motorcross type seat only to have it as slim as possible, this defeats the goal of comfort.



ByThomas Hast·Jun 09·Prime

display is in metric, need imperial

display is in metric, need imperial how to change ?


Can the Prime be fitted with the 29" wheels instead of the fat tires. Also do you have a headlight option and a rear rack option for the prime?


Are the disc brakes hydraulic, or mechanical on the Prime A4 ?




How do I charge my bike with the battery in the frame??

I need help

If im 6 foot (183 cm) should i get a large frame or a medium one, I think it should be better to get a large one in my oppinion, but i want to hear yours