Bike Colors

When will the Orange and Blue colors be available again?


Does Nireeka run limited colors for their bikes? I have seen photos of bikes in blue, orange, green, and yellow but the website only offers two or three colors on most models.


ByHarold Pulhug·May 09·Prime

Tall Rider and Frame size

I am 6'3" with a 34" inseam, I am trying to determine if the Large frame (19") will fit. In the support FAQ, they state a frame size M = 19" and L = 21", however in the Prime configurator they list a large frame is 19" -- conflicting with

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standover height of the frame sizes?

What is the standover height of the three frame sizes?


Charger work in UK ? for the Nireeka Prime

Just wondering will the charger work in the UK? or would i need a Adapter ?? Thanks

Dekas 32T chain Ring

Can I swap out the 32T for the 34T Chain Ring on my Homie? Thanks for All comments

need suggestions

Hi, I have a small cycle shop in US. I have different types cycles like hybrid, city bike, trekking bike, utility cycles, cargo bikes and more in different categories for men, women and kids. Despite all the good quality and material, the sale is not satisfying. So here, I’m looking

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Hi, nice to join this family

We are aostirmotor ebike, a new brand, and we hope to discuss the knowledge of electric bicycles with you in the future. have a beautiful day!

Power cut out during braking

When braking does power automatically cut out on Homie? Prime?

Bunny Hop

Has anyone tried to bunny hop their homie or is it too heavy?

Torque Sensor

On a visual inspection of your Nireeka Bike, how does one know the Torque pkg was installed? Newbe Question but I have no clue Thks for any comments


Where can I get fenders for the NIREEKA HOMIE?


Bafang DPC18 Display

in this display, for Wheel Settings they want inches, where is this measurement, derived? No info on rims or tires on my Homie, Do I measure the circumference? it's like 86 inches! I just love stupid Q"s


This bike shipping available in vizag or not

How do I install the Torque Sensor Package?

I received the Torque Sensor Package today, but it did not come with any installation instructions.
Do you have any instructions or videos to help me with the installation process?

What I found when I actually did the work.
- Important: You need a 48V battery & 500w Moter.

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I am looking for an ideal trailer to be used on my NIREEKA Prime... "pat rodden"

United Kingdom

Hi, Does anyone know if the UK Has a supplier for Nireeka ?


ByStephane Duguay·Dec 27, 2021·Prime

Comment sont vos impressions sur le Fatebike prime ?

Je voudrais m’en procurer deux mais j’aimerais en discuter avec quelques propriétaires…..

Homologation European market

Hi, I am a Nireeka EU Homie, owner, and I want to know where I can find an official homologation document for the Belgian market.
Where can i find this?


ByNicholas Raftopoulos·Nov 14, 2021·Prime

New video, one year on with the Prime


what size chain will fit on nerika prime(shimano deore)?

Homie 500w rear wheel nut torque

Does anybody know what the toque setting is for the rear wheel nuts?

Intermittent error 7

I have a homie with a 36v battery and 500w motor. During riding it error 7 comes up but if I shut the display off and back on it goes away. I can ride for a bit using pas or the throttle and it will come back meaning the error

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Design of the day!

We're thrilled to announce that the Nireeka Nyx has been selected as the Design of the day. More details:

Error 7

It continually shows error 7 and the bike does not work apparently error 7 is the motor, how can I fix it?