ByKen Ham·Nov 15, 2021·General Discussions


What are the differences between the 2 fork options?


ByPaul Malueg·Nov 14, 2021·Feature Request

color choices

I must be an idiot but the small size comes only in White?


ByRalf Gebhard·Sep 3, 2021·Prime

Gear Sensor

Since shifting is sometimes really noisy with a cracking sound esp. with that 1kw motor, has anyone fitted a gear sensor like that one:

Maybe improve shifting and endurance.


DP C18

Can someone tell me how to set the tire size on the DP C18? Also, what is the difference between ECO and sport? TIA


Where can I find the complete specs on all Nireeka eBikes?


Side Mirror

Hi all,
I am wondering if anyone has tried a left-side mounted mirror? If so, do you have the inside the grip area mount? Or, did you go with the clamp-on type and mount it next to the grip?

I appreciate any experiences with your choice.

Thank you,


Received after a long wait - BUT - everything was PERFECT!
Unpacking and putting together took all of 30 minutes as packed so well.
Watched a few unpacking videos on uTube -and everything went accordingly.
Received battery a month earlier - battery charger arrived with bike.
Charged, attached and off

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Prime Unboxing

If you don't have any idea how to put the Prime together, please check the following video:

Weight limitations

I’m a heavy rider and want to know the maximum payload weight for the different models. Which one would be suitable, if any for ~320 lbs (150kg) with gear?


ByEric Rudman·Sep 27, 2021·Prime

Power is on / Battery 100%

I have a 100 % battery I engage the throttle no movement ...I lift the bike up wheels do not spin when engaging the throttle


Stolen Bikes!

Hello everyone,

If you're considering buying a used Nireeka product, please make sure you check the frame number with the Nireeka agents before placing the order.

While we're monitoring online shops like eBay for such cases to find the stolen bikes, we're still missing a few. Based on our latest

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New kickstand?

Is there an updated/more robust kickstand available?


ByDaniel Stapleton·Aug 30, 2021·Prime


Anyone have a picture with the Kickstand installed?

Mountain Biking

So, how is the Homie on mountain bike trails? Does the full suspension react well to drops/jumps?

Nireeka homie 1000 watt rear hub motor info

does anyone have any info on the 1000 watt rear hub I am wondering what the internal speed control specs are 25 amp or 30 amp etc .how do I add Bluetooth

Update on wip for the NSD

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers

Will the NSD be compatible with Prime?

When the NSD comes out will it be compatible with Prime?

Basket for Shopping

I just purchased a Prime and while waiting, I would like to consider a small basket for shopping trips. While I know most people will want to use their Prime for pleasure, some of us will want to make a short trip to the market for food etc....

Can anyone

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Street Legal in Canada and what would the shipping price be for Ontario

Is there any one hear who can answer these questions?
I'm a 58 yr old male 240lbs and would like it to take it around town and back in the woods
Thanks and take care

Max payload

Wondering what max payload is cause im a monster of a man at 360lbs 6'6" the bike with the 1000 watt motor is aopealing to me. But i need to know if im too big. I read the manual & it said nothing about weight limit.


ByTony Roussety·Aug 23, 2021·Prime


how to fit and remove the battery on a prime


ByJeff Denney·Aug 15, 2020·Prime

Brake Sensors

Hello. Will I be able to add brake sensors to the Prime if I choose not to upgrade to the NSD?


ByGeorge Fox·Aug 21, 2021·Prime

Air fork

I don’t see the air fork offered on the prime. Are there any specs on parts?


ByJim Desposito·Jan 6, 2021·Prime

Homie battery removal

How do you remove the battery on a Homie?


ByMax Shojaie·Jul 24, 2021·Prime

Suspension Seatpost Vs. Dropper Seatpost

Many customers ask if they can install a dropper seatpost on the Prime while they're actually referring to a suspension seatpost. These two parts are not the same, but they're two different concepts in two different worlds! I will try to explain it in a few lines as simple as

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