Feature Request

OK, How about a great suspension Seat Post to fit the Nireeka line of Bikes? A'lso, a traking devise added to the frame, but easy to change out batt?

16 mph / 25 kmh for Germany

Dear Nireeka Team, is there a posibility from your side to make a hardware/software limit for your bikes? I am interested in the new Revenant bike. The problem is the law in germany. Only 25 kmh is allowed. Otherwise you need an insurance for the bike. To get the insurance,

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Luggage Rack for Prime?

Would love to see a rear luggage rack that could be safely mounted on the Prime without damage to the frame - something sturdy enough to carry a spare battery, heavy lock and chain, and a lunch box, that has the same style and feel as the Prime frame.


ByMax Shojaie·Aug 12, 2020·Feature Request

Feature Request


Please share your requested features with us. Like the feature, if you're also interested in. The most popular features will be added.

Thank you


BySimon H·Aug 20, 2021·Feature Request

Would be great to have motorcross type seat, more comfortable

Reconfigure the frame for a motorcross type seat. Motorcross type seats are way more comfortable to sit on. A wide seat would be my preference. Don't offer a motorcross type seat only to have it as slim as possible, this defeats the goal of comfort.



Can the Prime be fitted with the 29" wheels instead of the fat tires. Also do you have a headlight option and a rear rack option for the prime?


ByPaul Malueg·Nov 14, 2021·Feature Request

color choices

I must be an idiot but the small size comes only in White?

Side Mirror

Hi all,
I am wondering if anyone has tried a left-side mounted mirror? If so, do you have the inside the grip area mount? Or, did you go with the clamp-on type and mount it next to the grip?

I appreciate any experiences with your choice.

Thank you,

Rims option

Will Nireeka propose hollowed rims one day ?
Something like the DT Swiss BR 2250 Classic 26" Fatbike (pic. enclosed) for instance ?
First of all those rims are beautiful (as the Prime is and therefore more up to the standard of this beautiful bike than the stock ones i

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48v headlight wiring

Is it possible to mount a 48v headlight on the Prime ? I believe that the DP C18 can switch on and off a headlight, but i suppose that it requires some special wiring on the motor cables, and on that topic, will the NSD control the headlight switching as

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How did you manage your nireeka transportation with your car..?
Not easy with all systems
Did you put à central bar to block the bike or ?

AOSTIRMOTOR Buyer Show Wantede

I'm so sorry to bother you all, here's some good news to share with you.

AOSTIRMOTOR buyer show is in full swing!

Activity Time:Start on 16 April 2022 and End on 15 May 2022(A month)
Activity Participants:All America and Canada Aostirmotor bike owners.
Activity Purpose:
In the era of Oasis,

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