I have a Nyx and there's like zero documentation that I can find. There's a button on the side by the key hole. WHAT DOES IT DO?!

Trail bike geometry.

Hi. What are the geometry of the frame for the trail bike?

New website is here!

We're proud to announce our new website. This website is the result of one year of hard-working in engineering, designing, and programming all done by the Nireeka team.

This website is re-engineered and is entirely brand new. Here are the main sections of the new website:

1. New Shop:

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Prime Replacement Battery

So I ordered the highest capacity battery for my early build Prime. Awaiting a few days for a confirmation and crickets. Im anxious to get my bike back up and running. Can anyone please provide any ideas on lead time to Ca?


How much weight is too much for an ebike?

Homie computer error 8

How do I fix this? My throttle doesn't work at all. The rear tire was repaired. There was no barrel connection for easy repair. We know we turn on the bike computer and it says Error 8. Please help.


I was wandering where this bike ships from and the time frame for delivery toFrankfort Kentucky in the USA.

Larger motor for Homie

Has anyone tried to swap the 500w motor for a larger motor on the Homie????




How do I charge my bike with the battery in the frame??

I need help

If im 6 foot (183 cm) should i get a large frame or a medium one, I think it should be better to get a large one in my oppinion, but i want to hear yours

Bike Colors

When will the Orange and Blue colors be available again?


Does Nireeka run limited colors for their bikes? I have seen photos of bikes in blue, orange, green, and yellow but the website only offers two or three colors on most models.

standover height of the frame sizes?

What is the standover height of the three frame sizes?

Dekas 32T chain Ring

Can I swap out the 32T for the 34T Chain Ring on my Homie? Thanks for All comments

need suggestions

Hi, I have a small cycle shop in US. I have different types cycles like hybrid, city bike, trekking bike, utility cycles, cargo bikes and more in different categories for men, women and kids. Despite all the good quality and material, the sale is not satisfying. So here, I’m looking

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Hi, nice to join this family

We are aostirmotor ebike, a new brand, and we hope to discuss the knowledge of electric bicycles with you in the future. have a beautiful day!

Power cut out during braking

When braking does power automatically cut out on Homie? Prime?

Bunny Hop

Has anyone tried to bunny hop their homie or is it too heavy?

Torque Sensor

On a visual inspection of your Nireeka Bike, how does one know the Torque pkg was installed? Newbe Question but I have no clue Thks for any comments


Where can I get fenders for the NIREEKA HOMIE?


Bafang DPC18 Display

in this display, for Wheel Settings they want inches, where is this measurement, derived? No info on rims or tires on my Homie, Do I measure the circumference? it's like 86 inches! I just love stupid Q"s


This bike shipping available in vizag or not


I am looking for an ideal trailer to be used on my NIREEKA Prime... "pat rodden"

United Kingdom

Hi, Does anyone know if the UK Has a supplier for Nireeka ?