Drink bottle and cage

Been trying to find a suitable drink bottle that fits the cage as there is not much room has anyone had any luck? I really like the camelback insulated bottles as the valve is excellent. Doesn’t fit this bike tho! Maybe Nireeka can come up with one? Or have different

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Rear rack

I have a Nireeka Prime coming. Is there a rear rack that mounts behind the seat available?

best suspension seatpost for the Revenant bike?

What brand of suspension seat posts would you recommend, if you are using one? thks for all responses, jBeck

PAS Level Adjustment

Hello, I got my Homie and struggle a little with the PAS-Level.
I have the Bafang Display.

If I drive eg.
PAS1, it will give me ~20% Power and the Speed goes up till max. Speed
PAS2 provide me more Power and speed up till max. Speed.

Is it possible

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water bottle cage

is there a place for a water bottle cage on a Prime?

eBike insurance in the UK--for a 1000 watt Bafang motor?

Any UK-based Nireeka Prime owners able to get insurance sorted? (did you have to register with the DVLA, get the Prime inspected first?)

I recently ordered a pearl Blue Revenant

Hi I recently ordered my first ebikes pearl Blue Revenant. In particular, I would like to thank Jack who answered all my concerns and assisted with options that would assist and definitely make the investment worthwhile.


I would like to know what type of tires you use (for the revenant bikes). The homepage shows Schwalbe tires but in some reviews Maxxis tires are used.

Nireeka Prime A4 Delivered, Unboxed and Build

The first of two bikes showed up at my house yesterday. I was a bit confused that only one showed up and I talk about this in the Live stream build video I made. I will be making another video about my overall thoughts about the Nireeka Prime A4 and

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I just ordered blazing red Revenant at Indiegogo!

I'm very excited to receive it soon!!!! Jack was so helpful. I'm assured all customs processing will be done by Nireeka team! 😍

Nireeka Revenant POV

We were trying to film this for a long time but didn't have a chance until now. I hope you enjoy it.

Younes and I always loved racing for as long as I remember. It doesn't matter what vehicle we're riding, we always try to find somewhere to race.


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Customer Support

I want to thank the Nireeka customer service team for the speed with which they solved a problem with the battery-charger. It's a relief to have fast and trouble-free solutions

Tips for increasing your cycling speed

1. The easiest way is to lean over. The biggest issue that affects riding speed is wind resistance. The easiest way is to lean down slightly on the upper body and lean against the handlebars as much as possible to reduce the area where the body is in contact with

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Import to Germany / Customs duties


Any german customers here, who can tell me something about the import completion and customs duties?

I just backed a perk via indiegogo and want to know if I have to inform the german customs about the shipping or if I dont have to actively do anything.

I got my Revenant! And it’s awesome!!

Hey everyone! So, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Revenant early, and so far I’m really impressed. I rode it for the first time today it’s very smooth. It got dark outside fast, so I didn’t have much time to test it out today, but I

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Mega Happy

Just been out for my 1st ride on. For an exceptionally unfit man to do a 5 mile ride in less than 15minutes including climbing up the bostal ( A local challenge for all the cycle clubs) is amazing and recorded 53MPH down the long downhill section. To anybody anxious

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I bought it today

I hope it will be delivered in March

When Should the Chain be Maintained?

1. Reduced shifting performance during riding.

2. There is too much dust or sludge on the chain.

3. Noise is generated when the transmission system is running.

4. There is a rattling sound when pedaling due to the dry chain.

5. Place for a long time after raining.

6. When

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gear and chain wear from motor strain on 1500w Prime

Love the bike so far, now that I got a mechanic to bleed the rear brakes.

How are the gears and chain holding up for veteran riders?

I'm curious to know what kind of life I should expect out of those components since there is superhuman stress loaded onto those

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I have a Nyx and there's like zero documentation that I can find. There's a button on the side by the key hole. WHAT DOES IT DO?!

Trail bike geometry.

Hi. What are the geometry of the frame for the trail bike?

New website is here!

We're proud to announce our new website. This website is the result of one year of hard-working in engineering, designing, and programming all done by the Nireeka team.

This website is re-engineered and is entirely brand new. Here are the main sections of the new website:

1. New Shop:

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Prime Replacement Battery

So I ordered the highest capacity battery for my early build Prime. Awaiting a few days for a confirmation and crickets. Im anxious to get my bike back up and running. Can anyone please provide any ideas on lead time to Ca?


How much weight is too much for an ebike?

Homie computer error 8

How do I fix this? My throttle doesn't work at all. The rear tire was repaired. There was no barrel connection for easy repair. We know we turn on the bike computer and it says Error 8. Please help.