How do I install the Torque Sensor Package?

I received the Torque Sensor Package today, but it did not come with any installation instructions.
Do you have any instructions or videos to help me with the installation process?

What I found when I actually did the work.
- Important: You need a 48V battery & 500w Moter.

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Homie 500w rear wheel nut torque

Does anybody know what the toque setting is for the rear wheel nuts?


Prime Unboxing

If you don't have any idea how to put the Prime together, please check the following video:

display innstall

how to install display on handle bar of prime

front brake caliper

The front brake is rubbing How to adjust this?


Homie Unboxing

If you don't have any idea how to put the Homie together, please check the following video:

Torque sensor and motor upgrade videos

Hi, first video of the series.
Quite vloggy, raw one, showing you the parts and the overview of the upgrade path.

Second video is online:


hello, someone among you has installed a shimano di2 xtr group on the prime

How to remove/install the battery on the Nyx

In this video, you can see how easy is to remove the battery on the Nyx to charge the battery inside or replace it with a spare battery on long journeys.

The good thing about this battery is that, since it has a separate carbon fiber cover, unlike the

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Help with installing shift sensor to Prime

Hello everyone! I received a shift sensor from Nireeka for my Prime awhile back and I couldn’t figure out how to install it, even after watching YouTube videos. I couldn’t find a YouTube video with the exact motor the Prime has and how to open it up and install the

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Rear wheel

Could someone show me the proper use of spacers on rear wheel.

Adjust bottom bracket and crank arms

I have just installed the new torque sensor and bottom bracket .what is the proper way to tighten the bottom bracket ?