ByJohn Fischer·Sep 16·Prime

Getting Ready to purchase a PRIME...

What options do you regret getting or not getting at the time you purchased?


ByWarren Bravo·Sep 11·Prime

speed setting

I've just took delivery of my Prime this past Friday, couldn't be happier with the bike! I'm have some issues trying to set the speed limit on the display as it's a different menu set up from what I can find on YouTube or the manual. I don't have a

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ByBrad Bimson·Aug 17·Prime

Bike is non-responsive less than 24 hours after assembling

Got the bike on Monday. Assembled it and rode it that night and again when I got home on Tue. In the middle of my Tue night ride, the bike just shut off and will not re-start or re-boot. All the wiring that I can get to checks out fine.

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ByMichael Means·Nov 23·Prime

Taking the Prime kickstand off

Does anyone know how to remove the prime kickstand. It rattles too much and I would like to take it off but don't know how.


turn the engine on without removing the batterie

hi people,

is there any way to turn the engine on without removing the battery and push the button?


ByThomas Hast·Jun 09·Prime

display is in metric, need imperial

display is in metric, need imperial how to change ?


Are the disc brakes hydraulic, or mechanical on the Prime A4 ?


ByHarold Pulhug·May 09·Prime

Tall Rider and Frame size

I am 6'3" with a 34" inseam, I am trying to determine if the Large frame (19") will fit. In the support FAQ, they state a frame size M = 19" and L = 21", however in the Prime configurator they list a large frame is 19" -- conflicting with

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Charger work in UK ? for the Nireeka Prime

Just wondering will the charger work in the UK? or would i need a Adapter ?? Thanks

Comment sont vos impressions sur le Fatebike prime ?

Je voudrais m’en procurer deux mais j’aimerais en discuter avec quelques propriétaires…..

New video, one year on with the Prime


ByRalf Gebhard·Sep 3, 2021·Prime

Gear Sensor

Since shifting is sometimes really noisy with a cracking sound esp. with that 1kw motor, has anyone fitted a gear sensor like that one:

Maybe improve shifting and endurance.



ByEric Rudman·Sep 27·Prime

Power is on / Battery 100%

I have a 100 % battery I engage the throttle no movement ...I lift the bike up wheels do not spin when engaging the throttle


ByDaniel Stapleton·Aug 30, 2021·Prime


Anyone have a picture with the Kickstand installed?


ByTony Roussety·Aug 23, 2021·Prime


how to fit and remove the battery on a prime


ByJeff Denney·Aug 15, 2020·Prime

Brake Sensors

Hello. Will I be able to add brake sensors to the Prime if I choose not to upgrade to the NSD?


ByGeorge Fox·Aug 21, 2021·Prime

Air fork

I don’t see the air fork offered on the prime. Are there any specs on parts?


ByJim Desposito·Jan 6, 2021·Prime

Homie battery removal

How do you remove the battery on a Homie?


ByMax Shojaie·Jul 24, 2021·Prime

Suspension Seatpost Vs. Dropper Seatpost

Many customers ask if they can install a dropper seatpost on the Prime while they're actually referring to a suspension seatpost. These two parts are not the same, but they're two different concepts in two different worlds! I tried to explain it in a few lines as simply as possible.

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ByJeff Musgrove·Jul 12, 2021·Prime


Noticed that you added A4 to the Prime name.
What is the difference between that and the original Prime?


ByMax Shojaie·Jun 18, 2021·Prime

Suspension Fork Vs Solid Fork

In the following pictures you can compare the suspension fork with the carbon fiber fork visually.


ByFranklyn Berry·Jan 25, 2021·Prime

Wheel size?

Just ordered a Prime, and I'd like to start building my "winter wheel".

What size rim does the Prime use? 26" x 'which' width? Im guessing 3". Is the
rim supplier known?



ByJon Arnold·Jan 14, 2021·Prime

Paint - touchup

I just got the bike. There are two small nicks in the paint. Would be easy to fix with a tube of touch up paint like I have for my car. Anyone have a color match paint for the Prime in RED?


ByYuteng Lin·Aug 28, 2020·Prime

how to fill air for front suspension

the default pressure of front fork may be not suitable for everyone.
I got a supper soft one.
And I also want to learn how to adjust SAG for myself, thus I bought a air pump specified for air suspension.

please check this video

however, filled as the suggesting

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ByScott Quarta·Jan 12, 2021·Prime

Just wanted to say...

After waiting since June. My bike has finally arrived. I wanted to use this forum to say great job Nireeka! Not a single blemish thankfully. Casette lined up perfectly. Preset on controller seams to be tuned very well on all PAS settings as well as alot less motor noise than

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