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Sep 19, 2020

Max Shojaie published Forum Gallery
Hello the community,<br /> <br /> We have created a gallery for the forum. All the uploaded pictures on the forum will add automatically to this gallery, no matter where it's posted.<br /> <br /> Here is the direct link to the gallery:

Sep 17, 2020

Max Shojaie published Oktoberfest!
Fröhliches Oktoberfest! Deutsche Kunden erhalten 150 Dollar für ein neues Fahrrad. Dies ist der Promo-Code: Oktoberfest.<br /> <br /> Image credit: Insider<br />

Sep 14, 2020

Max Shojaie replied to "XT Upgrade Mismatch"
Hello Todd,

This setup is one of the most popular ones out there so this case is not about mismatching. Moreover, most of the Homie owners already have this setup on their bikes with no issue:

The first problem you explained is about calibration and it should be solved, as you mentioned, by adjusting the derailleur.

However, we had some reports from customers about the chain slipping. In some cases, their derailleur hangers bent during shipping and you need to fix it or replace it to solve the issue. Please ask the bike shop to investigate this first of all.

P.S. As mentioned on page 23 on the user's manual, you should not shift the gears when you’re on full throttle/PAS 3 or the gears might be damaged because this motor is the most powerful model on the market and you need to be a little nice to your gearset. This will also cause slipping.

Please let us know if you need any replacement parts to be shipped to you, of course, free of charge.

Sep 12, 2020

Max Shojaie published Happy Gamers Day!
Being a gamers, I always enjoyed playing video games, especially old fashion platformers.<br /> <br /> Just click here and win this game to get a discount COUPON for $250:<br /> <br /> Happy gamers day everyone!
This is a great comparison video by the Nireeka owner Nicholas Raftopoulos.<br /> <br />

Sep 5, 2020

Max Shojaie replied to "New Battery Chargers!"
In batch!
Max Shojaie published New Battery Chargers!
We'll be using these new chargers from now on. This charger model comes with some cool and crucial features such as a cooling fan, protection fuse, aluminum shell to ward off heat, universal input, and some others as following:<br /> <br /> Technical Parameters:<br /> Input: 110-240V AC, 50Hz,<br /> Output: 24V@60A / 36V@40A / 48V@30A / <br /> 60V@25A / 72V@20A / 120V@10A / <br /> Connector: US, EU<br /> Efficiency: >85%<br /> Overvoltage protection: Yes<br /> Overheating protection: Yes<br /> Current limiting protection: Yes<br /> Short circuit protection: Yes<br /> Reverse protection:Yes<br /> Operating temperature: -10~40℃<br /> Storage temperature: -40~70℃
Max Shojaie replied to "No Answers - No Support"
@Marian Your ticket already answered and closed. Thank you

Sep 3, 2020

Max Shojaie published ANNOUNCEMENT#1: New Support System
A new section "Support" added to the Customer Panel.<br /> <br /> From this section you can create a ticket and get support from the Nireeka team directly; fast, easy, and clean.<br /> <br /> Soon you will have everything related to your bike in one single system.

Sep 2, 2020

Max Shojaie published WIP#6: Shipping
It's been a month since the last update and more than half of the bikes already shipped and some of the customers already have their bikes for a week or so now.<br /> <br /> We already finished painting all the matte black frames and all the bikes have been shipped. The remaining bikes are still in the painting stage and all the red and white frames should be done in the next two weeks, no matter what your order number is.<br /> <br /> We had a slight delay in the supply chain due to the pandemic so it caused a delay in our assembly line. Our team is working seamlessly to avoid any further delay by sourcing the parts from different channels while maintaining the same quality.
Max Shojaie published WIP#1: Making the frames
WIP#1: Making the frames<br /> <br /> Carbon Fiber frames<br /> In carbon fiber frame manufacturing, as a less number of detached parts are used, it will end up with a stiffer and lighter structure. As was promised, we have designed and developed a Monocoque carbon fiber frame which is a single-part structure (Mainframe) with no adhesive material used to connect the parts, resulting in greater stiffness and lighter frame t the same time. As you maybe know this is the most advanced method in the industry.<br /> <br /> The following video shows the four main steps for making a frame including laying up, EPS Molding, Trimming, Sanding/Finishing and we will send the frame to the painting department when we have at least 100 frames ready which will be in a month or so.<br /> <br />
Max Shojaie replied to "WIP#5: Shipping - First batch"
3. Assembly wo frame number:
a: If your order number is less than 6434 and you have normal color, the bike will be shipped before the end of July.
b: The remaining will be shipped in August.
Max Shojaie replied to "WIP#5: Shipping - First batch"
2. Assembly /w frame number: In this case, you will see an estimated shipping and delivery date on your customer panel.
Max Shojaie replied to "WIP#5: Shipping - First batch"
Your bike should be in one of the below stages:

1. Shipped: You already received an email confirming this. We have added a feature to our website for tracking the orders.
Max Shojaie published WIP#5: Shipping - First batch
Good news! The first batch of the Prime bikes has been shipped today, as promised.
Max Shojaie published WIP#4: Assembly
Get the garages ready for your PRIMEs<br /> <br /> We're only one step away from shipping. Today we have received the final parts except for the battery and the chain which remained. We're glad to announce that 40% of the bikes have already assembled and the first batch will leave the factory by the end of July or early August. We can not provide the exact order numbers included in the first batch, but we're looking forward to shipping as many bikes as we can. Stay tuned!<br /> <br />
Max Shojaie published WIP#3: The Motors
The heart of Prime is here! We received all the Bafang G510 motors today and we are one step closer to make your Prime ready.
Max Shojaie replied to "WIP#2: The fork"
Nireeka Prime Suspension Fork
Max Shojaie published WIP#2: The fork
Almost half of the customers chose the suspension fork over the default one. Fortunately, despite the lockdown and delay in the supply chain, all the parts are showing up these days and we're going to start the assembling from the beginning of July. This will enable us to ship the bikes from the middle of July, as promised. We have received most of the parts and we will have more updates about them. We hope to get all the parts, especially the battery as soon as possible to ship the bikes on-time. The following pictures show the manufacturing process of the suspension fork.

Aug 31, 2020

Max Shojaie replied to "NSD WIP"
The reason is the manufacturing cost. The parts on the 4G versions are 2X more expensive than the 2G.

The device will update itself when it's connected to the internet. It will be for upgrading/updating/bug fix and etc.

Aug 27, 2020

Hello Yuteng, It's for your safety and also it will increase your battery life. You can also easily remove the battery by turning the handlebar and push a single button to turn it on again. Nireeka Prime is one the lightest fat ebike has ever made

Aug 25, 2020

I would like to have the ability to sort Forum articles. Because now you have to press the Next button to see the new articles.

Aug 22, 2020

I managed to get the bottom bracket on. I didn't have the tool to tighten the bottom bracket on the other side, so I'll get back to that later.
Iron filings need to be cleaned up or there will be problems later.
It took a long time, but I managed to get the hole open.
I wonder if I can get away with it if I start with a thin drill and make it thicker.
You will need to drill a hole somewhere for the torque sensor wire. I decided to drill the back of the hole here.
Don't forget to mask the holes before you make them. I forgot the masking and got scratched...
There will be a mess of wires, so take them out as you see fit. All the existing wires seem to be unnecessary; the wire that looks like the USB power supply is attached directly to the existing bracket, so I had to cut it off. Also, the wire that comes from the ignition key is not needed as there is no connection to it. I left it for now.
Remove the bracket by prying it off with a suitable tool (I used a tool to remove the tire).
You will need to remove the two bolts in addition to the outer bolts.
Remove the battery holder side.
Simply turning it over will make it wobble, so use a rope to fix it in place.
Once the bottom bracket is out, turn the bike over.
Bicycles have a lot of special tools.
You'll need a special tool here as well.
With this tool(crank remover), I was able to remove the crank arm. Remove both sides.
The crank arm couldn't be removed by shaking it or hitting it with a rubber hammer, so I went to buy a special tool.
Now that the crank bolts have been removed, remove the gears and chain.
This is a record for those who will later install the torque sensor package. The person doing the work is not a professional in bicycle maintenance. First, I'm trying to remove the crank.
Thanks for the reply Chris! The video doesn't show anything around the wiring or anything, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I'm already running into the problem of the crank not coming off :( The picture shows the contents of the package.

Aug 18, 2020

Max Shojaie replied to "Brake Sensors"
That's more like a DIY project. There is no standard way to do so, at least I haven't seen any. You can share some picture of your model?

Aug 17, 2020

Max Shojaie replied to "NSD WIP"
Hello Mihai,

1- All the latest updates about the NSD will be posted here. If there is nothing new, it means there was not any progress.
2- It's 2G by default and free for the backers.
3- We will let yo know when you can upgrade. First, we need to be sure about production lead time.

You wouldn't receive the 2G version without a prior notice.

Aug 14, 2020

OCT Harbour- Shenzhen
Max Shojaie replied to "NSD WIP"
We're currently testing the alpha version. The testing should be done in the next two weeks and we will go for the beta version production after that.
Max Shojaie published Questions
Please ask any questions you might have about the NSD here.

Aug 13, 2020

Max Shojaie published Prime Unpacking
If you don't have any idea how to put the Prime together, please check the following video:<br /> <br />
Max Shojaie published Homie Unpacking
If you don't have any idea how to put the Homie together, please check the following video:<br /> <br />
Max Shojaie replied to "NSD WIP"
After having a long delay due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, our Alpha version of NSD is finally ready. There will a 2 week testing period and after that, the Beta version of NSD will be ready for testing which needs another 2-3 weeks. We would need 3 of our backers to test the Beta version. After reviewing the test result, we will commence mass production.