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Aug 14, 2021

Christian replied to "NSD WIP"
Can we please get a confirmation of the folks in your list who would get the NSD for free? If you can’t post a list, maybe the campaign backers can send you a private message for the confirmation? Thanks.

Jul 29, 2021

Christian published Smart features?
What features make a Nireeka ebike a smart bike?

Jan 2, 2021

Christian published Refunds
I was told that they process refunds one at a time and could not tell me when I can expect my refund. I’ve been asking for it since April last year. I finally had someone reply to my request 2 months ago, after creating a ticket in their new support portal. Has anyone ever gotten their refund? Is there anyone else waiting for one? It’s frustrating, especially now when I need the money badly to help my family get through this pandemic.