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Oct 15, 2020

They told me I would have spare parts within 7-10 days, it's been over two weeks.

Oct 2, 2020

Yes, but even if I get the axle loose, and mount the wheel... how do I make sure the nut is in place? And that glue is sufficient for fast speed riding? There really should be a lock nut on those bearings to the left.

Sep 30, 2020

Some more pictures to illustrate the problem.
That "nut" there, is not fit for pliers, it is round.
Hello,<br /> <br /> I found assembling the Prime was an easy and fun task, until I got to the front wheel. The right side of the axle looks like... there should be a lock nut there, since the bolt on the axle protrudes some centimetres. There is also a whole there which needs a plug, or "bushings" as they call it in the instruction video. <br /> <br /> See:<br /><br /> <br /> When contacting Nireeka support I got alot of weird and mixed messages. Ending in that there is nothing missing there should only be the "nut" that is there. And they told me that I had broken the glue (!!!) on that nut. I think that if I could break that glue just using a small allen key, then how can I trust that the glue will hold while riding the bike at top speed?<br /> <br /> I had to argue with them several days before they ask me to fixate the bolt and use the allen key, even if this worked, the nut would still be loose after assembling the front wheel. <br /> <br /> Then they asked me to cut the through-axle with a grinder, and they would send a new axle and nut (!) to which avail I do not understand. Soo, I need to buy a grinder and some epoxy glue to try that way. Why the fudge is it glued? The bolt looks like there should be a lock nut there. And the picture they sent me, their axle doesn't even look like mine. <br /> <br /> So, check my video and my pictures. And I wonder, does anyone else recognize this, or had issues with the front wheel assembly? Please let me know.<br /> <br /> <br /> My videos as to why it doesn't work:<br /><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Best regards from Sweden<br /> Mail: