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Oct 25, 2020

Without the electric assist it"s just a bike. Non-electric assist "Fat Bikes" can weigh as much as 50 lbs. The Prime isn't that much more. You wouldn't engineer the bike that would leave someone stranded if the battery ran down. Sure it's heavy but the real weight you're moving is your own body weight. Would it be hard to push up hill without the electric assist...yep. Would it be harder to peddle up hill without the electric assist...Yep. But you use the largest cog in your gear-set (cassette) to make it as easy as you can and peddle. Just pay a local mechanic to go over your bike and check and adjust everything the same as they would any new bike they assemble prior to putting it out for sale. Would they be able to trouble shoot problems with the battery, charger or motor? Maybe. I'm going to rely on the forum and other owners who understand e-bikes to help me through tough spots. was far as the delivery goes need to focus on something else in your life. Let it go. I understand the OCD makes it difficult to not obsess. Focusing on the bikes arrival only makes you more upset and frustrated. Focus that energy on preparing for its arrival. Be sure you have a few tools like metric Allen wrenches and a screw driver set with varied types and sizes of driving bits. It sounds like a few owners have chipped the paint around the battery opening in the frame. So I would shop on Amazon for 3M clear adhesive film to place around that opening and in select spots on the frame where cables will touch/rub/vibrate and where the steering makes the front fork and frame come into contact when turning at the maximum angle. I hope our bikes come soon and that they function as we expect. The Prime I ordered is for my wife so that we can take casual rides together and for her to commute a few miles to work when the weather is nice. Her bike will NOT have a throttle and will be setup so that the electric assist is helpful but not enough to get her in trouble by providing too much power in an anxious situation. I want to make it fun to use but require moderate effort as well. By the way, Harley Davidson is releasing their first electric motorcycle soon so you do have a minor point of comparison. Honestly, the Nireeka will be cooler and cost about $15K less. By now, every 60 year old retiree who wanted a Harley has one in their garage collecting dust. But it will be a long time before you see other Nireeka bikes while you're out on your rides. Patiently waiting for appropriate weather conditions will be your next challenge. I'm hopeful we both have problem free Nireeka experiences.

Sep 25, 2020

Gregory published Upgrade to electronic shifting
Upgrade to electronic shifting

Is anybody out there thought about upgrading their prime to wireless or wired electronic shifting? Any thoughts on how/why it would/would not work?

Aug 31, 2020

What’s the best path for me to inquire about the projected shipping date for a Prime ordered/paid for on May 13 2020. Order number 7595.