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Oct 14, 2020

Thanks Scott. I checked it out and now I know how to change the limit. It was actually set at 33 mph. I’ll give it a test but it makes sense.
Watch Nick Raptatoupolis video on youtube. The motor is governed by yhe bafang controller.
Hey Rolando,
I have the bigger battery and the 1000w motor.
I've been testing my Prime now for a couple days and I can say for sure that it will not go faster than 51 kph or 31/32 mph. It says 38+ mph on the website. I tried on pedal assist and just throttle and its a no go. Was there something that was done to limit it before shipping? Disappointing, I was excited about that claim since most ebikes available in my area can all go about 28 mph. 3 mhp is very different from 10 mph more. Nireeka what gives?