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Dec 26, 2020

Here is the one I got
Post a pic of it installed and which hanger you have
So we can track which hangers work

Dec 4, 2020

I am using a front light via the bikes motor, works perfectly without relais
Are you able to send a link to the exact light you’re using? I really think that would help me and many others who are looking for this solution! Thanks in advance.

Dec 2, 2020

Beau replied to "WIP#2: The fork"
You can always buy it later or buy an aftermarket one, it’s not a big deal.

Dec 1, 2020

Yeah I saw that..that's why I was curious. I was thinking for top speed. My current ebike has a 44 tooth with an 11-34 cassette which I'll spin out going downhill. It's not a big deal I get plenty of speed gearing 44/11, and it climbs great. Just curious what to expect on the Prime. Thanks for the feedback!

Nov 29, 2020

<a href="/forum/profiles/username/max-22">@max-22</a> Status on NSD? 3 months ago, it was about to undergo a 2-3 weeks beta testing. Since then, silence. Any chance we can get a reply to any of these many inquiries? Your forums have been flooded for months, but no one responds... ???
Beau replied to "Speed"
Double check your max speed limit in the display settings.
Mines a 40 tooth, and I’m good with that.
I’m not sure if you could change the size because it’s really close to the chain stays.
If you wanted to go larger it would rub when in the 50 tooth. It doesn’t need any smaller, has plenty of gear.

Nov 27, 2020

I believe if you order it now you will get the new one.
It’s best to confirm that with Nireeka
So I'm biking home tonight... and this thing shows up out of nowhere. I now know that I can forcefully bunny-hop the Nireeka Homie in a pinch. Emergency hopping a combined ~114kg (250lbs) was not fun, but I am not dead, and the bike took it like champ. Almost 1000km logged so far! @MaxShojae Thank you for designing a nice sturdy and light bike! :)
Hi Everyone, The derailleur issue is now resolves with a $5 part that allows the derailleur to be repositioned to a lower and more forward position to allow the gear to hold onto more of the chain. Check out the Facebook group for more information as well.
There are 2 cassettes for the prime, the 10 speed or the 11 speed.
I have the 11 speed and it’s a sun race 11-50.
I think the 10 speed is an 11-42 but I’m not sure
With regards to a used market for these bikes there aren’t that many out there compared to larger brands.
I’ve seen 2 for sale, 1 homie and 1 prime (due to circumstances). The company is on its 3rd generation now and has some very unique and beautiful bikes.
The majority of the components are higher end off the shelf parts from reputable companies and just about everything but the frame can be purchased locally or online if needed. There have been a few issues but they seem to be easy fixes or replacements.
The biggest issue is shipping delays due to COVID and supply chain form China, everything’s a mess now.
Like I said before I’m really happy with my bike, I had a couple problems myself like the wrong seat post and pedals sent but I submitted a ticket and they air shipped the parts to me quickly. I also have the derailleur problem but it seems to be a 5$ part to fix it and Nireeka has been very good with responding to my messages and tickets.
They have changed the fork to a different one.
The new one looks to have dampening adjustments and rebound adjustment.
I don’t believe anyone has received the new forks yet.
On a fat bike front shocks are not a necessity, the tires do most of the work but I prefer a softer ride up front.
Beau replied to "Battery and charger issue"
Your welcome

Nov 25, 2020

Beau replied to "Battery and charger issue"
I have to say from my experience I ride with the motor off (pas 0) I exercise my dog while riding and on pavement I frequently ride with it off with no issues
Once you get the tires rolling it’s easy.
If I go off road I’m usually in pas 3 eco.
I only need pas 5 when I’m tackling some steep terrain or sandy hills.
The gearing is key for finding a good cadence without too much effort ( I just had knee surgery and this is my physio)
Personally I love the bike and think it’s definitely worth it, other than the battery and frame everything is an off the shelf part so it’s serviceable in the future.

Nov 16, 2020

Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
They supposedly have a fix for that in the works
Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
The bike looks sharp
I love the blue accents
How do you like the minions
I just ordered a set

Nov 14, 2020

Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
My boy
Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
He’s actually a really big dog
He’s a mastiff

Nov 13, 2020

Beau replied to "Settings"
Do you have a homie or a prime?
Are you in sport mode or eco, eco is a lot smoother and gentle.
Also I don’t recommend you do this especially if your not tech savvy. Ba fang controllers are fully customizable with a programming cable and some simple software.
There are lots of videos of DIY bikes using the same motor.
You can customize the acceleration ramp and speeds for every pas level, but if you don’t know what your doing you can easily destroy your motor, battery or controller.
I’d use this only as a last resort, and probably get onto a DIY forum before trying anything.

Nov 7, 2020

Beau replied to "Tracking Number"
Mine was delivered just over 2 weeks after it said delivered. It’s an approximate timeframe It varies.
They should have sent you an actual tracking number also.
The tracking number for the local delivery company (ups,fedex,etc) will update when they receive the bike and that will tell you a more accurate delivery date.

Oct 24, 2020

Beau replied to "WIP#2: The fork"
I would like to know if there are any options for me as well

Oct 17, 2020

Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
My customized carrier
Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
Out for a rip with my riding partner
Beau published Battery auto shut off
When can we see an update regarding the battery auto shut off timer?

Oct 15, 2020

Beau replied to "Riding Tips #1"
Still no email

Oct 1, 2020

Glad to hear it! Looking foward to getting my bike and to launch a YouTube vlog that isnt downtown LA. No disrespect to the west. Gonna see what this baby can do through Shawnee National Park!!

Sep 21, 2020

sharing the response from Nireeka, "We are planning to ship a device and also tutorial to the customers who already have their bikes. Using that, you can disable the sleep function."

Sep 7, 2020

Beau replied to "New Battery Chargers!"
Will I be getting one of these chargers if my bike has already shipped? (Matte black prime) Was it included?

Aug 25, 2020

Beau replied to "Nireeka Prime"
Still no photo ☹️

Aug 16, 2020

Beau replied to "Brake Sensors"
I’m wondering that too
I wasn’t aware it didn’t have them
I thought it was a requirement in most countries