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Oct 20, 2020

Chris, was the video about the wiring ever Posted?
FYI, I found that my 30H error is what shows up when the ignition key is off. It may mean there's a communication error for other displays, controllers, equipment but for me the ignition does it.
Hi everyone I have a 1 month old awesome new upgraded Nikeera homie that I bought for $2'227 but unfortunately I'm selling it for $1'500 because I have no space and also bought 2 electric moped. I prefer to sell it in NY because I'm not paying for shipping, sorry. If anyone interested plz email at thanks.

Oct 12, 2020

Just did an 18 mile ride on 7 miles of singletrack and the rest dirt roads. The 'clunking' noise has stopped all on its own!
Dave replied to "Riding Tips #1"
Hmm, don't do this because it'll void the warranty even though we didn't tell you before you ruined your motor.
Where's the email? Has anyone received one?
I finally received my replacement charger 5 days ago. Luckily I have 2 Homies and 2 chargers😊. It took weeks to get them to ship me one.

Oct 7, 2020

Dave replied to "I was totally wrong!!"
Rafael, bad need about your charger. I had, and have, the same problem. On September 10th I reported that it was bad.
I'm still waiting for the replacement and have been told it's on its way. But no tracking #, email, or anything. Hopefully when Nireeka catches up we'll all have better service🤞.
Rafael, it looks like you have a Homie hydraulic fork, no air. The Homie air fork has a knob that says 'Air' on the top of the left leg.
I have both and the air fork is a 100% better.
The rebound on my HYDRAULIC fork is terrible. It 'clunks' when the fork rebounds after being compressed. It's very annoying on a bumpy trail Does anyone know if the rebound is adjustable?
The only frame material you can clamp safely would be steel.
I have a Homie and my wife has a 20" E-Bike that is lightweight also. I want to buy a 1Up or a Kuat but neither are available, of course.
What the heck is a tow ball mount? Hitch mount?

Sep 26, 2020

Dave replied to "Chain coming off on Homie"
Ah, but Chris I let the seller of my second Homie keep it. Haven't dropped the chain yet BUT I can't use the 50 tooth cog because the angle is too great. I think the BB axle is too long.
Most of the braking comes from the front wheel(s) of a vehicle. On our bikes we should use the front brake mostly. When you use the rear brake more than the front you'll lose traction and slide the rear wheel unnecessarily.
I have XT on my Homie and don't see a need for bigger rotors, but if I did it would only be the front.

Sep 24, 2020

When I wrote it, I realized that it's already there. Do you get a notification at the bell in the upper right corner?

Sep 23, 2020

Dave replied to "Battery Voltage"
Zara. I opened a ticket like you asked for a replacement charger. If one is in the way let me know now. If not, what's the problem?

Sep 21, 2020

Thanks Hisaaki
I'm installing the torque sensor BB.
I don't see a way to install the cadence ring with the new BB. Is it not used?
Nail set, 3/16" bit, then 5/16" bit.
I used a nail set through the wiring hole. I. Used a 3/16" bit first, then a 5/16". I'm just installing the BB, cranks, etc. for their better looks. None of the connectors match so I'll wait for the electrical.

Sep 20, 2020

Dave replied to "Chain coming off on Homie"
Chris, if this means we'll have problems with dropping the chain, are we all going to get the new chainring?
I'll be waiting.

Sep 15, 2020

Chris, you said a video would be Posted about the wiring. Where is it? I don't know where to look.
2 extra displays I can't use without longer cable and,/or connectors don't match controller's connectors.
The original display. I have 2 others but the cables and connectors don't match.
Attached should be a pic of the original controller and the 2nd.
Can only attach one pic at a time.
Dave replied to "New Battery Chargers!"
Chris, I'm waiting for a replacement for my charger. I have an open ticket in my panel. Will I receive this new one or otherwise?
Your controller seems to have different connectors than my two which are identical except for some printing. Of course there's no model numbers. My display has a large black 7 pin connector that is supposed to go into the frame. The controller doesn't have an output connector for it.

Sep 14, 2020

Maybe 30H means the BB is not connected electrically.
Hisaaki, I haven't started the bottom bracket install. I replaced the 36V battery with my 48V and at least the display works. I just want to ride it but the motor doesn't run with the error.
BTW, how do I reset the battery after it's been dormant? Where can I find the video on TS installation? It's not easy to find technical info with Nireeka.
Error 30H is a communication error between components. Why don't you check the connection to the torque sensor and motor? You may have a loose connector connection or a broken PIN inside.
Is that the correct display for TS? I have that one and 2 more.
Everything has different connectors so extra work and finding connectors 😒
The pic didn't Post with my comments above
Chris, Hisaki, Dean, etc. I just bought a 2nd Homie. He couldn't get the display to work so Nireeka has sent him 2 more displays. He was using 36V battery. I put my 48V battery in and display works. What is 'error 30H?
Once I get my Torque Sensor installation working with the new throttle, I'm going to try wiring the original twist-grip throttle into the cable. It reads very similar with a multimeter, and I'm thinking it just might work OK.

Sep 13, 2020

Is the 'switch' the on/off button?

Sep 11, 2020

Dave replied to "Battery Voltage"
No charges for mine in Cali

Sep 10, 2020

Dave published Battery Voltage
My 48V Homie battery shows only the red light. When I first charged it, one of the green lights didn't illuminate after charging and it showed 50.+V.
After 5 total miles ridden the display showed 46V.
The charger is putting out 25 volts and the battery illuminates only the red light. I'm not sure how to use the voltmeter on the battery as there's more than 2 contacts.
See the attachments:

Sep 9, 2020

Dave replied to "Brake Sensors"
What does brake cutoff do?
What is 'auto power cut'?
I put my throttle on the stem side of the brake lever and no interference.

Sep 7, 2020

Dave replied to "Questions"
Where can I find an explanation for the NSD versus the display I have, the upgraded one, SW 900?
The differences, why better, worth paying for?

Aug 23, 2020

Dave replied to "Feature Request"
I need some assistance with using the display. Where can I access directions for it?