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Jan 14, 2021

Jon published Paint - touchup
I just got the bike. There are two small nicks in the paint. Would be easy to fix with a tube of touch up paint like I have for my car. Anyone have a color match paint for the Prime in RED?

Jan 13, 2021

So I just received delivery of my Prime (pictures soon!). When I push the bike backwards, the motor makes a clicking noise. Just wanted to know:
1. Normal?
2. If normal, does it damage the motor by pushing bike backwards? (Yes, I know bikes are supposed to go forward, but I mean like rolling it back into its parking spot!)

Can't wait to ride. Still finalizing set up (brake adj, gear adj, etc)


Oct 6, 2020

Stage: 60% as of 10/6/2020

They told me it should ship late September. Communication is very poor.

Sep 16, 2020

According to the earlier post, Red bikes should be painted withing 2 weeks of 9/2/2020, and shipped shortly thereafter. Just for tracking of my progress, my info is below:
Order/Paid Date: July 24, 2020.
Color: Red
Frame No: N/A
Order No: 8971
Stage: 53% as of 9/16/2020