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Nov 14, 2021

Feb 26, 2021

Hi Arnaud, thanks for your comment. Actually, we explained all the details in Indiegogo updates about the way we have spent the fund that we raised on Indiegogo and it's really crystal clear where the contributions have been spent. If you are interested, I really can explain how we spent the contributions on the project again. Unfortunately, only the cost of the first shipping batches to the EU costs more than the price of the bike itself! Currently, all the funds that we are spending on the NSD are from outsources because we are responsible for what we have promised to the Indiegogo campaign backers.

Feb 6, 2021

Sorry I think the file might have been to big. I have tried again here showing a photo of the extender and its forward position so that it holds the derailleur in a better position so that the chain holds on better.
Hi Everyone,

For those of you experiencing problems with the chain skipping still please make sure you move your extender in a forward position so that it places the derailleur in a better position to grip on more teeth. See this video link to give you an idea -

See also photo showing the position of the extender. Honestly I have ridden the bike on many occasions and there is no skipping or other issues what so ever.

Please note note all mid drive bikes a prone to gear damage if care is not taken when changing gear and especially if you try to take off using the accelerator or pedal quickly on take off when in the smaller gears.

It is best to start off in first or second gear.. This will be better for both your chain and gears.

Dec 19, 2020

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers

Nov 24, 2020

Hi Everyone,
The derailleur issue is now resolves with a $5 part that allows the derailleur to be repositioned to a lower and more forward position to allow the gear to hold onto more of the chain. Check out the Facebook group for more information as well.

Sep 14, 2020

Thanks. All tests done at PAS 0 or PAS 1. I'll report back what the bike shop indicates.
Hello Todd, This setup is one of the most popular ones out there so this case is not about mismatching. Moreover, most of the Homie owners already have this setup on their bikes with no issue: The first problem you explained is about calibration and it should be solved, as you mentioned, by adjusting the derailleur. However, we had some reports from customers about the chain slipping. In some cases, their derailleur hangers bent during shipping and you need to fix it or replace it to solve the issue. Please ask the bike shop to investigate this first of all. P.S. As mentioned on page 23 on the user's manual, you should not shift the gears when you’re on full throttle/PAS 3 or the gears might be damaged because this motor is the most powerful model on the market and you need to be a little nice to your gearset. This will also cause slipping. Please let us know if you need any replacement parts to be shipped to you, of course, free of charge.

Aug 28, 2020

Nicholas replied to "NSD WIP"
Hi Nireeka team,

It's great too hear you have finished the testing stage.
I am wondering why you are making two models, wouldn't it better to just have the one for manufacturing and storage purposes?

My other question is with many countries using 4G and now the role out to 5G would it not be better to at least have 4G capabilities. To be honest I am not sure what difference it would make and if there would be any advantage but it would increase the life span.

In Australia the 2G version would not be operable as we do not have 2G.

In addition to all my other questions I was wondering if the NSD is designed to receive software updates easily?
We tried to make the NSD as compact as possible but big enough for reading while riding.

Aug 18, 2020

1. As Max already explained in the NSD thread, We're currently testing the alpha version. The testing should be done in the next two weeks and we will go for the beta version production after that. 2. It's plug&play. 3. Yes, same color as the prototypes. 4. It will be announced when we had a realistic lead time for manufacturing.
This is the mounting bracket. The NSD can be installed with or without screws on it.
Thank you Max! all good then.
Hello Mihai, 1- All the latest updates about the NSD will be posted here. If there is nothing new, it means there was not any progress. 2- It's 2G by default and free for the backers. 3- We will let yo know when you can upgrade. First, we need to be sure about production lead time. You wouldn't receive the 2G version without a prior notice.
Hello Jose, That's correct. We discontinued the 1000w motor because of the poor support we got from the supplier. Their recent models have more problems compared to the earlier versions. That's why we asked the backers to cancel their 1000w upgrade and get another upgrade instead (Battery 48V in most cases). Furthermore, you can have a more accurate version of the cadence sensor or you have the option to get the torque sensor. "The torque sensor senses the force you're applying to the pedals so the motor provides the appropriate torque based on that. The Speed sensor detects the pedal movement only and not the force you're applying, therefore, the torque sensor will be more accurate compared to the speed sensor." Please contact our team (support<a href="/forum/profiles/nireeka">@nireeka</a>.com) to arrange to send your bike ASAP.

Aug 15, 2020

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Aug 13, 2020

Nicholas replied to "New Forums!"
Thank you Max