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Jan 26, 2021

Franklyn replied to "Wheel size?"
Seeking _wheel_ size, not _tire_. Thanks!

Jan 25, 2021

Franklyn published Wheel size?
Just ordered a Prime, and I'd like to start building my "winter wheel".

What size rim does the Prime use? 26" x 'which' width? Im guessing 3". Is the
rim supplier known?


Jan 22, 2021

"Sounds like" you're hitting the thermal cutoff switch.; since it re-starts after a short cooling period.

Does your SOC {battery charge} register any values between 37 and 42 {ever}? Its possible that its cutting
off "at the same temp point" repeatedly, which is on some break point that the display might register as "37%"
or "42%" -- depending on some other factor.

What's the ambient temperature at this time of year? Range during your rides?