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May 9, 2021

Kevin replied to "Rims option"
Ok so why doesn't the ticket page says it's only for customers and not for inquiries ? I already opened 4 tickets and nobody told me i had to send an email and not use the ticket page.

I read the Forum terms, and honestly don't see what i'm doing wrong :

I didn't SPAM
I Posted in relevant sub-forums
I Respected other users.
I didn't harass anybody, posted adult content or illegal content
I didn't post Misleading information
I did No follow up request

i genuinely asked for a feature, then when Max told me to try buy the rims myself and swap I asked for confirmation that those rims are compatible, you answered some of my questions then told me to go elsewhere to have my answers.

What is the point of having a forum if we can't ask for informations or precision that other users may be searching for too ?
From my point of view it would be much more useful to have the information here on a public page available to others that may be in the same situation than on my private email where only I can access the information.

That way instead of hundreds of inquiries that may be the same, users could get the information they want by reading the treads.

And Jack and Helena are very helpful but can't answer every questions, that's why i went on the ticket page in the first place.

May 8, 2021

Kevin replied to "Rims option"
Thanks Michael for your support ;)

@chris-bailey , after a lot of searching on your website i found a comparative specs page that list a number of informations on your bikes, but again, is this accurate and up to date ? who knows...

Here are a few direct and clear questions i hope your answers will be the same :
1 - Is the Prime delivered with INNOVA tires (like it's displayed on your prime specs page) or KENDA tires like on this comparative specs page ?
2 - Then, are the tires actually provided on the Prime tubeless compatible ?
3 - Is the Prime rear wheel cassette a 10 speeds cassette (like it's displayed on your prime specs page) or a 9 speeds cassette like on this comparative specs page ?
4 - Same goes with the shifters, Are they a 10 speeds cassette type (like it's displayed on your prime specs page) or a 9 speeds type like on this comparative specs page ?

I must say, it's really hard to do a thorough research on your bike to make an educated decision and decide whether or not to buy it or what kind of material to buy to upgrade it,
This is very surprising considering it's a 2500$ Bike ( I actually plan to spend around 3200$ with the options) so you can imagine my concerns about this.

Jack and Helena are very quick, forward and friendly on the chat, but here on the forum, and also browsing your website i start to understand why sometimes i read bad comments on your company from users and customers that says it's very hard to have a clear answer, when you actually answer (For instance, I recently closed a ticket after 9 days of unsuccessful wait for an answer that i had to go and get here by opening a tread)

I hope you'll answer to all my questions and reassure me that I'm not making a mistake to consider buying your bike

May 7, 2021

Kevin replied to "Rims option"
"The wheelsets would be compatible as long as the sizes match."
Yes but you didn't answer to my specific question which is : what about the AXLE DIAMETER (that is not provided on your apparently outdated specs page,)
By the way, if your specs page is outdated, how am I to know if the sizes you provide on it are up to date or not, and therefore matching a part i wish to mount on your bike ? (which is the reason why i posted the links to the rims page and the specs of the rims and asked to get a confirmation from you.)

"Both front and rear rotors are 6-bolts."
So i guess that those rims aren't compatible with your disks then, since they both are center lock mount ?

"That specs page is outdated"
It may be a good idea to update it don't you think ? Since it's almost the only source of information on your bike from which I base my searches on the net for mod parts, just saying ;)

May 6, 2021

Kevin replied to "48v headlight wiring"
Ok great, thanks for your reply Chris, it answers a technical ticket i opened 6 days ago and still haven't got any returns, i'll close the ticket then.
Thanks again ;)
Kevin replied to "Rims option"
Yes I think I'll do that, could you confirm me that those model are compatible ?
Front wheel :
Rear Wheel :
On this website they say the axles are 15x150mm for the front wheel and 12X197mm for the rear, the width seems to be ok, but i'm not sure for the axle diameter.
Also for the rear, they say it's a 11 speeds shimano type, yours are 10 speeds, will it be ok ?
Finally, They are a disk center lock mount on both, but your specs page says "Front center lock" for the prime, is it only for the front disk of both disks are center lock ? (FYI i'll take the 203mm option)

May 5, 2021

Kevin replied to "Rims option"
Damn, that's a pity, maybe they are reserving their rims for their direct market sales against manufacturers like you, i saw them on stock and ready to ship on a French website (but maybe it's an old stock)
Sure enough i won't count on it for my Prime i plan to order in a couple of months then :(

Thanks anyway for your answer Max
Kevin replied to "48v headlight wiring"
Yes i'd like to know the voltage if possible thanks Chris,
And where will i find the wires (on the prime) ?
Will i have to dismount the motor cover or will i find them inside the battery compartment ?
Kevin published Rims option
Will Nireeka propose hollowed rims one day ?
Something like the DT Swiss BR 2250 Classic 26" Fatbike (pic. enclosed) for instance ?
First of all those rims are beautiful (as the Prime is and therefore more up to the standard of this beautiful bike than the stock ones i might add)
Then just from the technical point of view they have two advantages:
- They 're lighter than the plain rims type supplied on the Prime (not a bad thing on a 62 Lbs bike !)
- They offer a bit more suspension that the plain rims (not a bad thing considering the frame doesn't have a rear suspension or any suspension at all if you order the carbon fork)
And you can even increase the weight gain and suspension effect if you choose to go tubeless since those rims are compatible with tubeless tires.
I would love to be able to choose and option like this ;)
Kevin replied to "48v headlight wiring"
Great !
Thanks Chris,
I have Three subsequent questions :
Are they accessible on the Prime from the battery compartment or will i have to wire them directly from the motor ?
what is the voltage output ? if i'm not mistaken they are 6v@500mA not 48v right ?
and will the NSD control the headlight switching as the DP C18 does ?

May 4, 2021

Kevin published 48v headlight wiring
Is it possible to mount a 48v headlight on the Prime ? I believe that the DP C18 can switch on and off a headlight, but i suppose that it requires some special wiring on the motor cables, and on that topic, will the NSD control the headlight switching as the DP C18 does ?
If not, this feature would be much appreciated.