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Feb 1, 2021

Marian replied to "NSD WIP"
Hi Chris,
It got silent around the new NSD. Have you buried the project? All promises on the NSD of the last 1 to 2 years have failed to come true. What shall we believe?
Looking forward to a real answer, not dancing around the subject.
Many thanks.

Nov 21, 2020

Marian replied to "NSD WIP"
Hi Nireeka Team, Max & Younes
With all understanding for the difficulties faced by a start-up company, Nireeka has learned in more than two years to operate. I want to keep my enthusiasm and look forward to the things to come.
More than two months ago I asked for an update on the NSD. Silence since then.
I don't think this is suited to keep people motivated.
So, again, please give us an update - even if the message is not quite as positive.
Thanks guys.

Sep 21, 2020

Marian replied to "Brake Upgrade to 203mm disks"
Install was a snap.
I have not tested my bike, but it looks like it is working very well.
I do have to thank you very much for your help.
My provisory construction with washers was not really the ultimate thing.

When mounted, I noticed that the brake is sitting relatively high.
Could it be that the brake pads will cover only the outer part of the disk and not the entire brake surface?

Sep 19, 2020

Marian replied to "Brake Upgrade to 203mm disks"
Thanks much, Chris. I will try this shortly and let you know.
Marian replied to "Brake Upgrade to 203mm disks"
I use the SM-MA-F203 P/P for the front brake - it fits perfectly.
Are you using this same adapter for the rear brake also?
Marian replied to "Brake Upgrade to 203mm disks"
For the rear brake, one of these adapters is enough? It should bridge from 160mm to 203mm!

Sep 18, 2020

Marian published Brake Upgrade to 203mm disks
Upgrading the Homie to 203mm disks is not trivial, at least what the rear wheel is concerned.
For the front wheel the Shimano adapter SM-MA-F203P/P fits perfectly and the entire exercise is each.
For the rear wheel I have not found a fitting adapter.
I tried the Shimano SM-MA-F203P/PM is not high enough. There is still a gap which needs to be bridged with washers. I did this on my Homie - it works, sits firm - but is sort of a provisory solution.
Does anybody has experience with this?
A hint for a fitting adapter?
I found the PM-PM-F/R203 adapter. Have it on order.
I hope two of them will bridge the gap.
Any hint is most welcome.
I noticed Nireeka offers an upgrade kit.
So they must have identified and ship an adapter fitting the purpose.
Marian replied to "NSD WIP"
When will Nireeka be through all tests?
When will mass production finally start?
When can I expect shipment to my country (Austria?)
What is the price for backers for the 2G and 4G version?
Will I keep the cadence sensor of my Homie?
How difficult will it be to install the NSD?

Sep 16, 2020

Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
Thank you Max.
Yes, meanwhile I got an answer and a solution announced by Jack M.
What I ask myself is, why was it necessary for me to make such a big fuzz about this in the Forum before I received an answer?
This issue was pending since many many weeks, and all my reminders stayed unanswered until recently.
I hope this will improve in the future.

Sep 4, 2020

Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
Hi Younes,

Two (2) weeks ago you told me that I will be contacted by your Support Dpt regarding my bad battery.
Nothing has happened since.

I received the bad battery beginning of June. I reported that the battery is unusable several times.
Now we have September and the bike season over here gradually reaches its end.

Honestly, Younes, how long shall this go on unanswered and without help from Nireeka ?

Aug 31, 2020

Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
Dear Younes,

It does not bring us any further to count emails. If requests are answered without days or weeks of delay, the general load on your support team will go down significantly. Nobody will have to remind you. But there is nothing worse than no response - like for weeks in this case.

In the past two years your Support Team sometimes answered in a day, or in a few days - which is good. But sometimes they answered not at all, or only after several reminders - which is bad.
How can you deal with such counterparts? It is unpredictable.

In more than 40 years of profession on a European level, mostly for US companies, I obviously know a lot about customer support. You can destroy a company if you fail to support your customers. Vice versa, you can build a solid customer base with lots of repeatable business without much Marketing effort, if you support your customers well. Don't underestimate word of mouth. Look into your Forum and into FB to see where Nireeka stands. You have ways to go.

I'm really curious to know when I will get my battery issue solved by your Support Team.
Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
Hi Younes,
you are simply NOT telling the truth.

Half of these many email I sent in two (2) years would have been unnecessary if you guys would gave answered in a timely fashion.. In many many cases I had to remind Support several times to get an answer. And all this is known to you I said it before.

It is also NOT true that I got replacement parts twice. Fact is, that a faulty battery was replaced. This is one shipment and I appreciated your help. The second shipment were parts I had ordered and paid for. So, where is the 2nd support shipment?

Really, Younes, let's keep it with the truth and not assume things. It really does not help the matter to twist the facts - it actually destroys the rest of my loyalty I have to Nireeka since two years. Meanwhile I really ask myself why I have recommended this bike to so many people (and still do!)

Regarding my last request: Jack M from Support knows about the 2nd bad battery since mid July. My last email to him is four weeks old and there is still no answer from him. What do you suggest is a "reasonable" time to answer?
It does not help to dance around the subject: You need to improve your support if you do not want to loose your customers forever. Backers talk about this allover.

Besides of all that:
What is your suggestion regarding my second bad battery? I sent you all the details. It is the battery you have sent recently.
Don't you have a quality control to find out faulty parts before the customer finds it out?

So - please - stay constructive and help the matter finally getting solved.
Thank you.

Aug 28, 2020

Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
7 days ago you announced that will contact me. To date, no word from support.
Certainly you will understand my frustration about this lack of support of your team. It is truly a shame how bad you guys perform on supporting your loyal backers and customers. I still hope that this will have an end soon.

Aug 26, 2020

Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
Hi Younes,
You announced that I will be getting a reply from
Waiting for 4 days now, I have not received a word from them.
If we proceed with that pace, the summer will be gone over here before my battery issue is solved.
Thanks for helping.

Aug 22, 2020

Marian replied to "No Answers - No Support"
Hi Younes,
Yes, this is a personal inquiry.
I have written to several times over several weeks, and nobody heard my voice. I have not received an answer.
I'm glad that you will help the issue now.
Thanks you.

Aug 21, 2020

Marian published No Answers - No Support
This message shall go to Max and Younes.
And please: Read this and answer, instead of ERASING MY MESSAGE, this is censorship.

I have a serious battery issue with my second Homie.

I got my first Homie (white) in December 2019. It has a perfect battery.
The battery has 54,1V (shows 100%), and is working perfectly.

My second Homie (red) arrived early March and has a sick battery right from the start.
The battery has just 51,4V, does not load to 100% and collapses quickly when driving - it is unusable.

After bringing this up, Jack M ( sent me a new substitute battery. This took several weeks, but it it finally arrived. The new battery shows 52,6V and also does not load to 100% (shows 95%)

After a couple of trips together with my wife, I can report that the newly sent battery is really NOT OK.

My wife’s white bike with the good battery runs 70km (no hills, no mountains) on assist 1 and still has 43% capacity left.

Same trip and same assist with my red bike with the substitute battery: The battery power drops quickly and arrives in the red zone, with 17% capacity left.

Both batteries were fully loaded before the trip.

After Jack's advice I tried a BMR (Battery management reset) with no improvement.
Apparently, both batteries seem to have a dead cell.

Now I have two great bike and just one intact battery.

I addressed my problem to Jack M, to Younes and Max. Neither one repeated to my request nor tried to help me. To me this looks as if Nireeka ignores me and my problem.

From previous issues I know that Nireeka indeed can provide support. It is very disappointing to see now that they leave me alone with my issue.

I hope that someone at Nireeka finally hears my voice and will get back with a solution.
I really appreciate your help.

Thanks & Best Regards