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Nov 4, 2021

John published Chain Popped
Just got my Nireeka Prime about a week ago and my chain popped. Has anyone else replaced their chain? What chains are compatible? Are there any directions on how to replace it?

Oct 31, 2021

John replied to "DP C18"
It was actually 5 months but yeah just make sure you follow up with them like I mentioned in my previous post. I don't know how much time was added to my build and shipping because they were waiting for the kenda tires to come in so hopefully you can avoid that.

Oct 30, 2021

John replied to "DP C18"
I ordered mine May 14th. Things were stalled during the build process because they were waiting on the Kendra tires. I contacted them and they offered me the jumbo jim's for 70% off. I took the deal.
This transaction occurred in August. So if you stay on top of them and ensure the process doesn't get stalled in a similar fashion you may have it for xmas?

Oct 29, 2021

John replied to "DP C18"
I just received my bike on 8/24 so i don't know if i have a newer model or OS on the DB C18 but I do not have that option. Here is what I see when I follow the instructions to set the wheel size -
Please advise
John published DP C18
Can someone tell me how to set the tire size on the DP C18? Also, what is the difference between ECO and sport? TIA