Max Shojaie

New Forums!

Max Shojaie @max-22 Nireeka Official Team 1 year ago
Nireeka Official Team


This is Max, the CEO. I'm pleased to introduce to you the new forums system. Why do we have this system? There are some points:

1. HAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: Unlike the last two forums, you can log in to this system using your Nireeka username/password. So you will be having all your data in one place.

2. CUSTOMER PANEL: The forums system is connected to your customer panel. Why are they connected? Well, you will find out soon ;)

3. BADGES (COMING SOON): We have different badges for your activity on the forums, you're bike model, your riding records, and etc so you can share your activity with the others fellow Nireeka owners.

4. GAMIFICATION: We're developing a system to reward active users on the forum by giving them scores based on their activity. Also we're trying to integrate your riding data into these leaderboards.

5. IoT: And the most important point is that this system is connected to the NSD!

I hope we enjoy this new forum together like the first one we had on WIX.