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How to keep your Nireeka bike during Autumn and Winter

Max Shojaie @max-22 Nireeka Official Team 10 months ago
Nireeka Official Team

Since it's almost impossible to ride a bike during autumn and especially winter in many regions, it's essential to keep your bike and battery in proper condition to avoid any damage.

Please check the following FAQ:

1. How and where should I store my Nireeka bike?
The first thing you need to do is to clean your bike and remove any dirt, water, and dust, especially from the metallic parts. You need to keep your Nireeka bike inside your building and it should not be under rain or snow.

2. How should I store my batteries?
You need to remove your battery from the bike. A small current can flow in the switched-off bike, which leads to a complete
discharge which, after a longer period of time, can damage the battery and at the very worst destroy it.

Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) should not be stored over a longer period of time either uncharged or fully charged. The optimum storage as determined by extensive experiments is with 40% to 50% capacity and at low (not freezing) temperatures, which should not drop below 0°C. Storage at 5°C to 20°C is optimal. As a result of self-discharge, a recharge is necessary every month.