Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 13, 2020 (Jan 26, 2022) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Hello our loyal customers, As you know we have been working hard for more than a year on our NSD and invested around $90K not only to keep all the promised features but to add some more features to make Nireeka the smartest bike ever. Please stay tuned for more ...

Error 7

Posted by Yury on Nov 20, 2021 (Nov 24, 2021) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

It continually shows error 7 and the bike does not work apparently error 7 is the motor, how can I fix it?


Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 14, 2020 (Sep 7, 2021) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Please ask any questions you might have about the NSD here.

error code 8h

Posted by Ken on Nov 7, 2020 (Sep 5, 2021) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

I just reset my bike to factory settings and immediately getting error code 8H. Anyone know what that is?

Update on wip for the NSD

Posted by Sven on Oct 18, 2020 (Sep 5, 2021) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers

When the NSD comes out will it be compatible with Prime?