Query regarding mounting a headlight

Posted by Jasper on Oct 2, 2020 (Dec 4, 2020) - Prime

Hello My prime is on it's way and I'm excited so I'm checking for a headlight for it I found one I want that's compatible with bafang mid drive and I read somewhere that there should be a cable to connect the headlight to anyway what I wanted to ask ...

WIP#2: The fork

WIP#2: The fork

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Dec 3, 2020) - Prime

Almost half of the customers chose the suspension fork over the default one. Fortunately, despite the lockdown and delay in the supply chain, all the parts are showing up these days and we're going to start the assembling from the beginning of July. This will enable us to ship the ...

Battery auto shut off

Posted by Beau on Oct 17, 2020 (Dec 3, 2020) - Prime

When can we see an update regarding the battery auto shut off timer?



Posted by Liviu on Dec 3, 2020 (Dec 3, 2020) - Prime

I was waiting for the new fork to be released before writing this !! I feel like a fool, cheated with the purchase of the PRIME with air fork as an extra, I have paid to have an extra weight on the bike that does not serve more than to ...


Posted by Michael on Sep 21, 2020 (Dec 3, 2020) - Prime

Were headlights an option I missed?

Nireeka Prime Derailleur Alignment

Posted by Max Shojaie on Nov 7, 2020 (Nov 29, 2020) - Prime

Hello all, As we received some reports regarding the derailleur alignment issue from the Prime owners, the Nireeka technical team started investigating the issue to find possible solutions. We suspect some parts causing this but we're not quite sure yet so please give us a few more days to find ...

Top speed not what I expected

Posted by Ian on Oct 14, 2020 (Nov 25, 2020) - Prime

I've been testing my Prime now for a couple days and I can say for sure that it will not go faster than 51 kph or 31/32 mph. It says 38+ mph on the website. I tried on pedal assist and just throttle and its a no go. Was there ...

how to fill air for front suspension

Posted by Yuteng on Aug 28, 2020 (Nov 25, 2020) - Prime

the default pressure of front fork may be not suitable for everyone. I got a supper soft one. And I also want to learn how to adjust SAG for myself, thus I bought a air pump specified for air suspension. please check this video however, filled as the suggesting ...

I have got 3 times auto power cut, after turning off for a long time.(maybe 12hr more) I know it is a safty 'feature', but it limits the convenience of daily usage. Nireeka should think more about how to easily restore power, otherwise it will be just an annoying heavy ...

Is the Nireeka prime approved by EU?

Posted by Malthe on Nov 5, 2020 (Nov 6, 2020) - Prime

Is the Nireeka prime approved by EU, because in my country it has to be because it uses an over 250w motor and if i am going drive it on the streets it has to be approved. I live in Denmark if anyone was wondering .

Frame Size

Posted by Dave on Nov 3, 2020 (Nov 3, 2020) - Prime

I have a medium Prime on order has any one bought one in the large size?

Upgrade to electronic shifting

Posted by Gregory on Sep 25, 2020 (Oct 29, 2020) - Prime

Upgrade to electronic shifting Is anybody out there thought about upgrading their prime to wireless or wired electronic shifting? Any thoughts on how/why it would/would not work?

Riding Tips #1

Posted by Max Shojaie on Oct 5, 2020 (Oct 16, 2020) - Prime

DISCLAIMER: All Prime owners with the throttle installed on their bikes, be aware that using the throttle and Pedal Assist System (PAS) at the same time will cause serious damage to the motor. The reason is that when you're using the throttle, the motor releases a fixed amount of torque ...

WIP#4: Assembly

WIP#4: Assembly

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Sep 21, 2020) - Prime

Get the garages ready for your PRIMEs We're only one step away from shipping. Today we have received the final parts except for the battery and the chain which remained. We're glad to announce that 40% of the bikes have already assembled and the first batch will leave the factory ...

WIP#6: Shipping

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Sep 21, 2020) - Prime

It's been a month since the last update and more than half of the bikes already shipped and some of the customers already have their bikes for a week or so now. We already finished painting all the matte black frames and all the bikes have been shipped. The remaining ...


Battery Details

Posted by Larry on Sep 18, 2020 (Sep 19, 2020) - Prime

Is there something wrong with my battery? It is not displaying any info.

XT Upgrade Mismatch

Posted by Todd on Sep 14, 2020 (Sep 14, 2020) - Prime

I built my Prime with the assistance of two contacts that are very experienced with bikes. Firstly, when going through all the gear changes, the chain slipped down the back of the largest cog causing a bad jam, which we needed to clear. It was like the gear changer thought ...

Brake Sensors

Posted by Jeff on Aug 15, 2020 (Sep 9, 2020) - Prime

Hello. Will I be able to add brake sensors to the Prime if I choose not to upgrade to the NSD?

WIP#1: Making the frames

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Sep 2, 2020) - Prime

WIP#1: Making the frames Carbon Fiber frames In carbon fiber frame manufacturing, as a less number of detached parts are used, it will end up with a stiffer and lighter structure. As was promised, we have designed and developed a Monocoque carbon fiber frame which is a single-part structure (Mainframe) ...

WIP#5: Shipping - First batch

WIP#5: Shipping - First batch

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Sep 2, 2020) - Prime

Good news! The first batch of the Prime bikes has been shipped today, as promised.

WIP#3: The Motors

WIP#3: The Motors

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Sep 2, 2020) - Prime

The heart of Prime is here! We received all the Bafang G510 motors today and we are one step closer to make your Prime ready.