XT Upgrade Mismatch

Todd @todd-buckland 10 months ago

I built my Prime with the assistance of two contacts that are very experienced with bikes.

Firstly, when going through all the gear changes, the chain slipped down the back of the largest cog causing a bad jam, which we needed to clear. It was like the gear changer thought there was another gear available on the bike. Once the jam was cleared (needed to break the chain and remove the rear wheel) they adjusted the 'Derailleur Stop' (something like that) and now this doesn't occur.

Secondly, there is a bit of grinding and/or cog slippage somewhere in the middle gears. One of the guys has come across this before and it's usually due to some sort of "mismatch" with the equipment - the Derailleur isn't right for the cogs or the chain is the wrong thickness and/or length for the setup.

Once I've done 20 or 30 km's on the bike, I will take it to a bike shop for review and remedy, I'll advise what the outcome is.