Charger work in UK ? for the Nireeka Prime

Posted by Andrew on Apr 27, 2022 (May 3, 2022) - Prime

Just wondering will the charger work in the UK? or would i need a Adapter ?? Thanks

Rear wheel

Posted by James on May 1, 2022 (May 1, 2022) - Installation Guides

Could someone show me the proper use of spacers on rear wheel.

Prime Unboxing

Prime Unboxing

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 13, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - Installation Guides

If you don't have any idea how to put the Prime together, please check the following video:

Riding Tips #1

Posted by Max Shojaie on Oct 5, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - Prime

DISCLAIMER: All Prime owners with the throttle installed on their bikes, be aware that using the throttle and Pedal Assist System (PAS) at the same time will cause serious damage to the motor. The reason is that when you're using the throttle, the motor releases a fixed amount of torque ...

Homie Unboxing

Homie Unboxing

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 13, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - Installation Guides

If you don't have any idea how to put the Homie together, please check the following video:

how to fill air for front suspension

Posted by Yuteng on Aug 28, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - Prime

the default pressure of front fork may be not suitable for everyone. I got a supper soft one. And I also want to learn how to adjust SAG for myself, thus I bought a air pump specified for air suspension. please check this video however, filled as the suggesting ...

Battery Voltage

Posted by Dave on Sep 10, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

My 48V Homie battery shows only the red light. When I first charged it, one of the green lights didn't illuminate after charging and it showed 50.+V. After 5 total miles ridden the display showed 46V. The charger is putting out 25 volts and the battery illuminates only the red ...

I was totally wrong!!

Posted by Rafael on Sep 29, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

I just got my Nireeka homie this past Friday and was a bit frustrated and confused. Not knowing exactly what I bought. I used it over the weekend on and off and now I'm in love with the bike. The support bin good. I still have some concerns about the ...

Hi, nice to join this family

Posted by Shirley on Apr 8, 2022 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

We are aostirmotor ebike, a new brand, and we hope to discuss the knowledge of electric bicycles with you in the future. have a beautiful day!

WIP#5: Shipping - First batch

WIP#5: Shipping - First batch

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - Prime

Good news! The first batch of the Prime bikes has been shipped today, as promised.

WIP#4: Assembly

WIP#4: Assembly

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - Prime

Get the garages ready for your PRIMEs We're only one step away from shipping. Today we have received the final parts except for the battery and the chain which remained. We're glad to announce that 40% of the bikes have already assembled and the first batch will leave the factory ...

New Forums!

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 12, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

Hello. This is Max, the CEO. I'm pleased to introduce to you the new forums system. Why do we have this system? There are some points: 1. HAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: Unlike the last two forums, you can log in to this system using your Nireeka username/password. So you ...

Bunny Hop

Posted by Josemaria Carlos on Mar 9, 2022 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

Has anyone tried to bunny hop their homie or is it too heavy?

AOSTIRMOTOR Buyer Show Wantede

Posted by Shirley on Apr 28, 2022 (Apr 28, 2022) - Feature Request

I'm so sorry to bother you all, here's some good news to share with you. AOSTIRMOTOR buyer show is in full swing! Activity Time:Start on 16 April 2022 and End on 15 May 2022(A month) Activity Participants:All America and Canada Aostirmotor bike owners. Activity Purpose: In the era of Oasis, ...


Prime "L" Frame Size

Posted by Younes on Oct 16, 2020 (Apr 27, 2022) - Announcements

Based on many requests that we received from you to have a larger frame size for Prime, we would like to announce that the 19'' frame molding process is done now, and the manufacturing phase has been started. You can now order the "L" frame size from the link below. ...

Frame Size

Posted by Dave on Nov 3, 2020 (Apr 27, 2022) - Prime

I have a medium Prime on order has any one bought one in the large size?


Where can I ride my new eBike? California adopted new laws for legal eBikes in 2015, breaking the bikes down into three classes. The classifications are primarily based on where they are allowed to operate. AB 1096: Electric Bicycles This is the law that defines electric bicycles as those with ...

need suggestions

Posted by Hazel on Apr 19, 2022 (Apr 19, 2022) - General Discussions

Hi, I have a small cycle shop in US. I have different types cycles like hybrid, city bike, trekking bike, utility cycles, cargo bikes and more in different categories for men, women and kids. Despite all the good quality and material, the sale is not satisfying. So here, I’m looking ...