We're glad to announce that Nireeka Nyx Electric Bicycle is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.


New dealership in Canada

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 1, 2021 (Aug 1, 2021) - Announcements

Good news! We have a new dealership in Oakville, ON, Canada. The shop called e-shift ( and they have our demo bikes. They will be responsible for bike maintenance and services as well since they are avid bikers and expert bike mechanics. Below you can find their contact details: Sales: ...

Smart features?

Posted by Christian on Jul 29, 2021 (Jul 29, 2021) - General Discussions

What features make a Nireeka ebike a smart bike?


Suspension Seatpost Vs. Dropper Seatpost

Posted by Max Shojaie on Jul 24, 2021 (Jul 27, 2021) - Prime

Many customers ask if they can install a dropper seatpost on the Prime while they're actually referring to a suspension seatpost. These two parts are not the same, but they're two different concepts in two different worlds! I tried to explain it in a few lines as simply as possible. ...

Homie model

Posted by Don on Jul 10, 2021 (Jul 20, 2021) - General Discussions

How much does the homie model weigh?

display innstall

Posted by Tony on Jul 18, 2021 (Jul 19, 2021) - Installation Guides

how to install display on handle bar of prime


Posted by VIJAYAKRISHNA on Jul 15, 2021 (Jul 15, 2021) - General Discussions

This bike shipping available in vizag or not


Posted by Jeff on Jul 12, 2021 (Jul 13, 2021) - Prime

Noticed that you added A4 to the Prime name. What is the difference between that and the original Prime?

Torque sensor and motor upgrade videos

Hi, first video of the series. Quite vloggy, raw one, showing you the parts and the overview of the upgrade path. Enjoy! Second video is online:


Suspension Fork Vs Solid Fork

Posted by Max Shojaie on Jun 18, 2021 (Jun 18, 2021) - Prime

In the following pictures you can compare the suspension fork with the carbon fiber fork visually.

Wheel size?

Posted by Franklyn on Jan 25, 2021 (Jun 16, 2021) - Prime

Just ordered a Prime, and I'd like to start building my "winter wheel". What size rim does the Prime use? 26" x 'which' width? Im guessing 3". Is the rim supplier known? --frankb


Posted by George Crown on Nov 28, 2020 (Jun 16, 2021) - General Discussions

I was wondering why on full throttle I can only get up to 16.5 miles per hour on a flat surface and not 20 MPH as advertised. In Peddle assist I can get up to 24.5 but not 28 MPH in the PA 5. Otherwise the bike performs fine. Is ...