Posted by Michael on Sep 21, 2020 (Apr 4, 2022) - Prime

Were headlights an option I missed?

Standard Color options - matte or gloss finish?

Posted by Jeremy on Mar 21, 2022 (Mar 21, 2022) - Prime

My question is this; The standard color offerings for the Prime are Black and White - are those gloss finish or matte finish? I see both gloss black and matte black frames on Nireekas instagram page so I know they can do both. Which is it?


Posted by Daren on Oct 21, 2021 (Mar 21, 2022) - General Discussions

Where can I get fenders for the NIREEKA HOMIE? Thx! Daren

Bike size

Posted by Dallas on Mar 20, 2022 (Mar 20, 2022) - Prime

What is the standover height? I'm 5'4".

Brake Sensors

Posted by Jeff on Aug 15, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - Prime

Hello. Will I be able to add brake sensors to the Prime if I choose not to upgrade to the NSD?

Mountain Biking

Posted by George Crown on Sep 18, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

So, how is the Homie on mountain bike trails? Does the full suspension react well to drops/jumps?

Update on wip for the NSD

Posted by Sven on Oct 18, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers

Basket for Shopping

Posted by Robert on Nov 24, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

I just purchased a Prime and while waiting, I would like to consider a small basket for shopping trips. While I know most people will want to use their Prime for pleasure, some of us will want to make a short trip to the market for food etc.... Can anyone ...

Homie battery removal

Posted by Jim on Jan 6, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - Prime

How do you remove the battery on a Homie?

does anyone have any info on the 1000 watt rear hub I am wondering what the internal speed control specs are 25 amp or 30 amp etc .how do I add Bluetooth

When the NSD comes out will it be compatible with Prime?

Homie 500w rear wheel nut torque

Posted by Jose on Jun 5, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - Installation Guides

Does anybody know what the toque setting is for the rear wheel nuts?


Stolen Bikes!

Posted by Max Shojaie on Jun 24, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

Hello everyone, If you're considering buying a used Nireeka product, please make sure you check the frame number with the Nireeka agents before placing the order. While we're monitoring online shops like eBay for such cases to find the stolen bikes, we're still missing a few. Based on our latest ...

Homie model

Posted by Don on Jul 10, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

How much does the homie model weigh?


Posted by VIJAYAKRISHNA on Jul 15, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

This bike shipping available in vizag or not

display innstall

Posted by Tony on Jul 18, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - Installation Guides

how to install display on handle bar of prime