Ostoure super street bike

The concept draws inspiration from ancient engravings, combining these with cutting-edge design elements and some high-tech trimmings such as two-wheel drive and an in-helmet heads-up display.

Combining a muscular look with more delicate detailing, the Ostoure has an aggressive but refined appearance that would not be out of place on the boulevards of the near future.

The concept bike features two-wheel drive with apparent shaft drive and dual differentials. Steering is through the front wheel linkage, implying some type of hub steering. You steer the bike using the two handgrips located on either side of the fairing. The designer claims this nonstandard arrangement would be similar to piloting an aircraft.


Lochness Chopper

Lochness chopper has inherited not only the face of the monster but some moral features. The very long wheelbase reminds the serenity and the dark paint reminds cryptic manner and also a hidden fear underneath.

Hub-less wheels and how they connected to the suspension system and triple headlights remind sci-fi movies and give the bike a very futuristic look. The rear wheel has divided into two parts and the drivetrain torque transfers to the rear wheel through the middle of the wheel.
There is no a classic taillight on the bike but a very special and unique lighting system does the job instead. The taillight is a belt-like LED light which has been embedded into a surface of the rear tire.

Lochness has a very powerful engine, V-4, four-stroke and belt transmission through the middle of the wheel. Single brake disk per wheel looks like an angry viper head which complete the feeling of the overall look also a classic tire pattern is a gift for old-fashion chopper fans.


Kangoun the super off-road vehicle

Kangoun is our ultimate vehicle features a comprehensive package. It’s designed and built based on the Baja SAE cars, it’s not only as tough as them but also gives you a luxury experience.

With a supercharged V8 engine, you get more than 600 bhp and 880 nm of torque. And because of the carbon fiber shell, it’s so much lighter than Baja cars which this material gives the Kangoun better power to weight ratio and makes it quicker and agiler.


Nireeka the smart ebike

Our last toy is our beloved one! The Nireeka Smart eBike loaded with smart features including a blind spot radar, an autolight, a GPS anti-theft system, and even pedal-assist level based on your heartbeat. The GPS navigator ensures you’ll never get lost while the USB charger keeps your smartphnoe charged up.

The eBike has a reliable braking system and full suspension for a smooth ride with its x-fusion shock absorber. Likewise, it uses a Lithium-Ion 10.8 Ah LG battery. The Nireeka Smart eBike keeps you visible thanks to its a CUBE powerful headlamp and 180-degree taillight. Finally, the Nireeka Smart eBike uses a built-in app that works on both iOS and Android.