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Getting Started!

Congratulation on receiving your Nireeka Prime bike. You will find all the information you need for setting up your bike for the first time on this page.


What is in the box?


Unboxing: Nireeka Prime

1. Pre-assembled Nireeka Prime without front wheel

All the parts are assembled except the ones mentioned below.

2. Front Wheel

Front wheel with the protector caps.

3. Battery

The battery should be assembled in the bike unless your bike has been shipped by air (Express) or for some countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia.

4. Charger

A universal charger compatible with 110-240V.

5. Frame Protector

There is a spare frame protector in the box that doesn't need to be installed since you already have one on your bike.

6. Mudguards (Optional)

There are front and rear mudguards and installation slots and screws.

7. Wooden Beam

This beam is designed to protect the fork steerer when the shipping companies put the box on the wrong side! You don't need this wood anymore.

8. Display

The model will be based on your selected version when placing your order.

9. User's Manuals

A few parts will be delivered to us with the user's manuals included. We sent all to you!

10. Extras

Any other parts and accessories that you've ordered such as taillight and helmet.



Video: Unboxing the Nireeka Prime

0:07 - Opening the box

Remove the top cap carefully.

0:30 - Installing the handlebar

Remove the stem cap and put the handlebar in the right position.

1:13 - Installing the display

The display model might be different but the instruction is identical.

1:43 - Installing the front wheel

Check this VIDEO for more accurate explanations.

2:33 - Installing the pedals

Pay attention to the right/left badges.

2:44 - Removing/Installing the battery

You can remove the battery for charging inside.

2:58 - Turning on the bike

Hold and keep the power button for 3 seconds to turn the bike on.

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