When will the bikes ship?

- Send an email to Nireeka from your registered email address including the Order # to [email protected] If you are placing a new order, the estimated delivery time would be Feb 2019.

Where can I find my Order?

- Your order number is the Indiegogo Contribution ID.

I ordered several bikes, will they come together?

- Only if you ordered them at the same time or as a set. Bikes ordered later will likely come separately.

Where can I see exactly what I have ordered?

- Go to select the customer panel. Log in with your Indiegogo email address and password.
- Direct URL:

I wish to change something on my order, like bike colour or saddle.

- Go to select the customer panel. Log in with your Indiegogo email address and password.
- You can change the bike colour or the saddle there.
- Direct URL:

I wish to change something significant like the battery, but it's not an option in the customer panel.

- Please email us and we'll see what we can do.
- [email protected]

I don't see the refund button, how do I get a refund?

- Please make sure you are using a browser and not the IGG App, which doesn't feature the refund button. If you don't see the refund button anymore, it means the IGG already transferred the fund to us and the only solution for refunding would be dropping a line to [email protected]

Do you have a return policy?

- Yes. you can request a refund now or a month after receiving your bike.
- [email protected]

Are you shipping from China? What about the Trump tariffs?

- We are shipping from Thailand.

Does the shipping fee include taxes and tariffs?

- No, you'll have to pay VAT etc. once the bike reaches your country.

Why are there still delays?

- We check every part several times before mass ordering and still sometimes when we receive the parts, they are different from the samples. Sending the parts back means extra cost and more delays and it's a real disaster but we prefer it rather than compromising. The Nireeka team is working 24/7 on the project to be sure everything is fine.

The official FAQ shows postage and shipping to be $199, I paid $250. Why?

- That was the initial super early bird price.

What is InDemand?

- Indemand is Indiegogo's sales platform that allows project owners to continue to offer perks or indeed actual sales once the main Indiegogo campaign is over.

*Remember that until the product enters SHIPPING phase, it is still a pledge for a project and NOT A PURCHASE.

I can't add a battery or screen to my order, why not?

- You must order each extra perk separately and pay one at a time. This is how Indiegogo works, unfortunately.
- Nireeka will combine orders together before shipping.

How do you know which perks go on which bikes?

- YOU MUST use the same email address for every order so that we know who is who.
- If you've changed your email address please contact the email address below.
- If you've ordered multiple bikes with different perks, please contact the address below.
- Please check the customer panel to make sure all your orders are listed!
- There is a field in the customer panel for adding extra instructions for us.
- [email protected]

Will all the parts be shipped together?

- All parts for the bike will be shipped in the same box (except extra wheel).

Do you ship worldwide?

- Yes. We do. The only exception is South Korea. We do NOT ship to South Korea.
Our current backers from South Korea will get theirs bikes soon but we do NOT accept any new order from South Korea.



Are these bikes road legal?

- Every country has different laws. Check your country's laws and compare them to the bikes' specs before pledging for a perk.

You say it's not a downhill bike? Is it only suitable for roads?

- While it is not a specialised down hill bike, it is capable enough for doing off road.

Why are the bikes heavier than at first envisaged?

- [Initial weights were] the weight of the Street model with 7Ah 36V battery/250w motor and carbon fiber parts. We upgraded all 7Ah batteries to 8Ah and another reason for the weight is the frame which is heavier to be stronger. The battery case is bigger and we have an internal layer for the frame and there are some other reasons.
- The Nature is 15kg now.
- The geometry has been updated. Because of different parts for each model and upgrade it could be between 18 KG to 22 KG.

I see only one option for black? Does it come in matte and glossy?

- Both are available.
- Pearlised Black is also available as a cost option.

Is there a matte 3K Carbon Fibre look?

- No, we only offer glossy, lacquered look 3K.

Are there any other 3K Carbon Fibre colours?

- No, it only comes in black.

Holy Smokes, Batman, $200 for the Carbon Fibre Look. Are you kidding?

- The default pattern is UD (and does not matter as we're going to cover it with painting) not 3K Plain. Working with the plain carbon fiber fabric is tricky and takes 2-3 hours more for laying up and 2-3 more for finishing. This is the reason for a higher price. Furthermore, the plain fabric is more expensive than the UD itself. Please let me know if you still have a question about it.

I don't like all the lettering and stickers. Can I have them removed?

- No, You can not.

Is the 19" too big for someone who like me is 5’7" ?

- The frame size also depends on your leg length. Please use the following link to determine the best size for you.

- You can also check this thread on our forum for more info:

How much is the standover heights?

-77.9 cm (30.7") for 21"
- 74.5 cm (29.3") for 19"
- 73.0 cm (28.7”) for 17”

Is the bike waterproof?

- All of the wiring, battery, controller and ECU are internal so are protected from the rain and splashes.

Does the bike come with an EU certificate of compliance?

- Not yet.

Is the fatigue testing done with near-real conditions?

- Actually, we exaggerate the conditions and weights based on the standard methods. Normally we would not push the frames to the breakpoint. There are some Youtube videos out there showing our testing methods.

Can I upgrade my pledge to the upcoming Nireeka R (Roadbike) or F (Fatbike)?

- No, they are completely different projects.



What is PAS?

- PAS means Pedal Assist. The motor operates by turning the pedals rather than with a throttle.

How is the PAS limited EU cut-off implemented? Is it a sharp cutoff at 25kph?

- No, it's a subtle, gradual cutoff and you shouldn't feel like you've hit a "wall."

I ordered an original $199 extra battery perk AND the 1000W motor, is my extra battery 48v 14.4Ah?

- The extra battery needs upgrading ($99) with the Upgrade Battery Perk.

How much do the batteries weigh?

- 36V, 10.8Ahr battery: 4.4 lbs (2kg)
- 48V, 14.4Ahr battery: 8.8 lbs (4kg)

Are the 48v batteries only compatible with the 1000W motor?

- The 48v batteries are compatible with EVERY motor.

Will the 1000W motor look ugly on the bike?

- Actually, the Sunrace cassette covers the motor very well.

Is the gear upgrade the full black version of the Sunracer?

- Yes, any red parts are completely hidden by the motor.
- There is no colour option for the gears.

Can I use my spare motor/wheel perk with the upgraded gears perk?

- You need to get the "upgraded cassette" perk ($63) for the spare wheel.

How are you protecting and reinforcing the fragile carbon fiber struts and dropouts from the torque of the 1000W motor?

- The derailleur side is alloy and the other side is solid and 10mm filled CF. (Carbon fibre reinforced polymer)

Where are the stats for the four different motors, controllers and batteries?

- The only reliable data is what we get from the manufacturers. What I'm seeing is all the motors look identical and the only difference I assume is the magnet counts inside the motors. And we also asked for the 1000 w data but haven't got any because they manipulated the motor for us. But still, we keep pushing them for a precise data.

What size is the chainring?

- 38T.




Do I need to purchase one of the LCD screens?

- No, you can control everything from the phone App.

Does the screen include buttons or is it only a display?

- Both basic and colour screen include a set of control buttons.

Can I use the buttons and LCD separately?

- No the physical buttons are wired to the LCD.

I don't want an LCD but I want the buttons. Can I purchase buttons without an LCD?

- Not currently.


Do I need to plug the phone in to the USB port to use it at a display?

- No, the USB ports are for charging only.
- The phone connects by Bluetooth.

If I use a display, can I still mount a mobile phone?

- Yes, there is a phone mount on the handlebars. It is independent of the screen.
- Data can show on the phone and the screen simultaneously.

Is there a way to charge the phone wirelessly?

- Not at present.

Is the App available for my phone?

- There will be both an iOS version and an Android version of the App

Will the App work on an older iPhone?

- As long as it runs the latest iOS. (Currently iPhone 5s and newer).

Can I use the App to control bike features?

- Yes, you can set power limits, speed limits and the like.
- You can also control the lighting and Radar.

Can you see the motor temperature in the App?

- Unfortunately, the motor does not give us this data but we have the battery internal temperature and the app shows that.


Will the GPS tracker work in my country?

- Most probably not, unless you live in Europe it uses the defect 2G standard which is being depreciated pretty much everywhere except the EU. Please check with your carrier.
- There are some reasons for using the 2G chipset. first of all, 3G is shutting off before 2G is most of the countries so we needed to go for 4G or higher and this makes the circuit more complicated and expensive and bigger (putting everything inside the frame was a bad headache from the beginning of the project). Furthermore, 2G is enough for sending the data and updating the firmware.

Will there be an eventual upgrade to the ECU to 4G sim capable?

- It's a MUST without a doubt. We'll be having that for sure in the near future.

How can the ECU be accessed in order to change the SIM card?

- The ECU is located behind the battery, you need to pull it out and insert the SIM

Does the GPS tracker work over internet or by sending SMS?

- The tracker checks the internet, if there was no connection then sends the data with SMS.



Will the frame have a unique serial number?

- Yes, an indelible one.

Is the cube light as pictured going to be supplied?

- No, engineering difficulties meant it was not practical to integrate.

Are the upper USB ports waterproof/water-resistant?

- Yes. When not in use, they are covered by a rubber flap.

Does the Homie come with Air suspension?

- Only the rear shock. The front forks are oil suspension.

Who makes the Air Fork?

- It's designed by us and made by a Taiwanese company called MCX.

Where can I find info regarding the magnesium forks?

Are there any other colors available for the Air Fork?

- Sorry, black and gold is all there is.

How long is the adjustable stem?

- 105mm

What are the axle specs?

- The front is QR but the rear couldn't be because of the motor. The hub width is 135mm and D=10mm for the rear.

What is the BCD of the crankset?

- 104mm

What is the seatpost diameter?

- 27.2mm

Can you shorten the seatpost?

- No, sorry. But you can do it yourself easily.

How much do the saddles weigh?

- The sport saddle weight is 315g and the comfort one is 350g.

Does the sport saddle have any cushioning?

- Some, but of course less than the comfort saddle.

What are the rims made of?

- Aluminium

Are there Carbon Fibre rims available?

- No, we couldn't fit them within the budget.

What size and brand are the tires?

-27.5x2.1 Taiwan made MAXXIS tires.

Are the tires tubeless?

- No

Can we use Fat tires on this bike?

- No. The maximum tire width is 2.2" and fat tires are around 4".

Some photos show quick release levers on the wheel. Is that correct?

- Yes, only the front wheel comes with the quick release.

Are the lights powered by the main battery?

- No, They have internal Li-ion batteries which you can keep them charged using our USB charger outlet.

Are the lights controllable by the App?

- No, but the light comes with the Auto light features which turns on/off based on the ambient light.

Do you plan on making a bike lock?

- No plans, currently.

Does the bike have any brake light?

- Yes, the rear light has the feature.



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