Overall Questions

I'm an EU citizen, Which model should I get?

You can get the EU Homie. Because of its 250 W motor and the lighting system, it’s legal in most of the EU countries. Also, the max speed is 25 km/h and you can only use pedal assist system to meet EU countries’ rules.

What’s the maximum weight limit?

We’ve tested the bike up to 250lbs, we cannot make any guarantees about performance or durability above that weight.

How high can the seat extend?

The seat can extend a full 12”. This put it 42 inches off the ground.

Can I attach accessories like a rack or fenders?

Yes! We have predicted spaces for any compatible third-party accessories.

How much does the bike weigh?

The bike weighs approximately 35lbs without the battery.

Is it available in my country?

We ship worldwide.

For what kind of riding is Nireeka intended? Can I take it mountain biking?

We have three Nireeka eBike models, Street, Street+, and Homie. You can ride the Homie on every terrain as a regular mountain bike, thanks to its X-Fusion Air Shock Absorber, comparing to Nireeka Street and Street+ Oil Shock Absorbers.

Motor & Battery

How do I charge my battery?

Simply detach the battery from the bike using the key and plug it into your home outlet. It’s compatible with 110v to 220v.

How do I change setting of the bike?

Using the Nireeka app.

How much does the battery weigh?

The battery weighs approximately 6lbs.

The Frame Size

Which frame sizes do you offer?

17″ (small), 19″ (medium), 21″ (large)

Which frame size is appropriate for me?

You can check your appropriate size here: https://goo.gl/rVMHp2