Terms & Conditions


Thanks for joining the Nireeka family. Below you can find all the situations you might need to get help from the warranty agreement.

Nireeka Components

Refers to all the parts and components designed and built by Nireeka, not an OEM.

All the Nireeka parts are subject to a one-year or 1,600 Miles (2,600 Kilometers) warranty. Some parts are excluded. Please check the terms below for more information.
We have a lifetime warranty on all frames for the entire ownership of the original purchaser. This covers manufacturing and material defects on bikes manufactured. Rider and equipment weight limit: 265lbs/120kg total weight including the rider and equipment.
The frame number should be visible and clear.

IMPORTANT: If the frame or fork or any component is broken during shipping, you need to open a ticket and let us know to proceed with the return or replacement in no more than 3 days.

We have a one-year or 1,600 Miles (2,600 Kilometers) warranty on the motor. The serial number printed on the motor should be seen clearly or the warranty will be voided.
We have a one-year or 1,600 Miles (2,600 Kilometers) warranty on the battery. The serial number printed on the battery should be seen clearly or the warranty will be voided. No visual defect should be on the battery housing. The battery should be kept 90% or more charged if you do not use the battery for more than a month or the cells will expire and our warranty does not cover that.
Carbon Fiber forks are guaranteed for one-year from the date of purchase or 1,600 Miles (2,600 Kilometers).
Front and Rear suspension components are guaranteed for one-year from the date of purchase or 1,600 Miles (2,600 Kilometers).

Warranty Exclusion

The warranty doesn't cover the mentioned items.

1. wear and tear
Normal wear and tear (Including Cassette, Derailleur, Chain, Brake pads, Tires and etc)
2. Lost
Any lost part or component. If something is missing at delivery, it should be reported to us through official channels in not more than 2 days.
3. Accident
Damage caused by accidents, neglect, or abuse. You should provide enough pictures requested by Nireeka team as evidence.
4. Assembly Faults
Improper assembly, please check the user’s manual and unboxing video as reference.
5. maintenance
Improper follow-up maintenance.
6. Modification
Modification or alteration of the frame or original components like making holes, cutting or anything similar. painting the frame or partially, doesn't consider as modifications.
7. Compensation
Direct, incidental, or consequential damages, including damages for personal injuries, property damage or economic loss
8. Labor charges
Labor charges for part replacement or changeover
9. Transport charges
Transport charges for replacement parts or the bike if it's shipped to us for maintenance or repair.
10. Branded Components
Issues relating to branded original components, such as Shimano or Bafang are the responsibility of the appropriate component manufacturer’s warranty and subject to their terms and conditions. In the case of branded components failing, please raise a ticket who will liaise with the relevant distributor on your behalf.

What Voids Your bike's Warranty?

like any contract, your Nireeka warranty can be broken if you don't hold up your end of the bargain, so it is important to know what circumstances can void your warranty.

1. Salvage title
If your bike was in a severe accident and was given a salvage title or declared a total loss, your entire warranty is voided. Anyway, we offer the original owner of any Nireeka carbon frame a crash replacement carbon frame at 60% of the normal retail price in the event of an accident. The shipping cost and assembly labor cost are on the customer in this case.
2. Misuse of the bike
Potentially, anything outside of the normal operation of the bike can be considered misuse.
3. Environmental damage
If your bike was damaged in a fire, flood, earthquake or any other environmental disaster, we will not honor your warranty.
4. Altered odometer
If your bike's odometer has been disconnected, tampered with or replaced, we cannot determine the exact mileage.
5. Maintenance Neglect
If you fail to service the parts during their scheduled maintenance, we're not responsible for repairing any damage to the bike/parts.
6. Aftermarket parts or modifications
Having an aftermarket part or modifying your bike can void your warranty. Please check with us before changing any part on your bike to be sure if we guarantee the quality of the aftermarket part.
7. Shipping
If you move the bike to another city or country, since we have no control over the transportation method used to move the bike, in case of any damage to the frame, fork, or any other parts, during shipping or after using the bike in the new location, your entire warranty is voided.
8. Following User's Manual
If you fail to follow the user's manual instruction entirely regarding assembly, usage of the bike, and the trails you're allowed to use the bike, your entire warranty is voided.
9. Specific Use
Every bike is designed to be used on a specific trail, road, and conditions explained in the user's manual. If you use the bike in any condition not defined in the user's manual, your entire warranty is voided.

The Warranty Claim Process

All warranty claims must be through our support system by opening a ticket in the warranty category. You need to include enough clear photos and videos requested by the Nireeka team and do the testing requested by the Nireeka team.