About Us

Nireeka is an electric mobility company that redefines the biking experience using its solid, sleek, and gorgeous design and strives to make smarter e-bikes with better performance.

  • max

    Max Shojaie

    Co-Founder / CEO


    Designed award-winning products while focusing on R&D and manufacturing, making Max a multi-task CEO. He spent four years developing the most comprehensive online shop for Nireeka products based on his programming background. This makes Nireeka one of the few B2C bike manufacturers in the world.

  • younes

    Younes Shojaei

    Co-Founder / COO


    Younes is a software engineer and has more than a decade of experience in transportation production, especially on EVs. It's all about his childhood passion.

  • Seyed

    Seyed Esmaeili

    Europe regional manager


    Seyed has a long-time experience in project management related to EVs and related transportation and smart devices. Seyed has worked alongside the design, manufacturing, and marketing team since the beginning of the Nireeka project and has proudly reduced the production costs and increased the project revenue.