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Tips For Riding In The Rain

Most people don't like the feeling of cycling outdoors in the rain, but getting used to cycling in the rain can avoid panic when it rains suddenly. Let's take a look at how to adapt to the rainy weather when cycling.

1. Dress appropriately. There is nothing worse than not wearing proper clothing when it rains. When riding on a cloudy day, raincoats and rain boots are naturally a must, and the same is true when the temperature is low.

2. Be careful when turning. This is very important! When it rains, slippery roads and gravel can cause tires to skid, making cornering more dangerous. Therefore, the timing of braking must be early, and the movements of other riders must also be paid attention to. When cornering, slow down a bit.

3. Know the road conditions. It sounds simple, but sometimes we forget the simplest things. Watch out for oil stains on the road, and avoid murky pools where there may be rocks or large potholes under the water.

4. Install the fenders. Although some people will find it unsightly, at least you will not be sprayed all over your body by the rain, and the people behind you will not be sprayed all over your face.