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Common Abnormal Noises And Solutions When Riding

1. The brake pads rub against the rim.
1) The front end of the brake shoe should be slightly bent inward, and the front end of the brake shoe should contact the rim before the rear end when braking;
2) Remove the wheel, scrub the rim and brake skin with thinner detergent, and slightly polish the surface of the brake skin with sandpaper;
3) If there is a problem with the spokes, please send it directly to the repair shop.

2. The central axis and pedals are loose. Middle axle: Remove the crank, select a suitable tool to tighten the bearing, and apply oil separately where the bearing is in contact with the frame and the center axle. Pedal: Use a wrench to tighten the connection between the pedal and the crank. If the tension of the self-locking pedal is adjusted too loose, there will also be abnormal noise between the cleat and the pedal. Adjust the screw on the back of the pedal to adjust.

3. Hub noise. Fasten the quick release as tight as possible until it is difficult to break apart. In addition, because the two are close together, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether the abnormal noise is coming from the rear wheel hub or where. You can tighten one first and then see the situation.

4. The balls in the hub are cracked and broken. Remove the hub, replace the bad ball, or replace the entire hub. In addition, for such parts that require lubricating oil with higher viscosity.