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Will Nireeka propose hollowed rims one day ?
Something like the DT Swiss BR 2250 Classic 26" Fatbike (pic. enclosed) for instance ?
First of all those rims are beautiful (as the Prime is and therefore more up to the standard of this beautiful bike than the stock ones i might add)
Then just from the technical point of view they have two advantages:
- They 're lighter than the plain rims type supplied on the Prime (not a bad thing on a 62 Lbs bike !)
- They offer a bit more suspension that the plain rims (not a bad thing considering the frame doesn't have a rear suspension or any suspension at all if you order the carbon fork)
And you can even increase the weight gain and suspension effect if you choose to go tubeless since those rims are compatible with tubeless tires.
I would love to be able to choose and option like this ;)