Envío Nireeka Prime España

Posted by Hugo on Dec 6, 2020 (Jan 16, 2021) - Prime

Alguien sabe decirme si tiene una nireeka en España?? Cuanto tiempo tardó??

Paint - touchup

Posted by Jon on Jan 14, 2021 (Jan 14, 2021) - Prime

I just got the bike. There are two small nicks in the paint. Would be easy to fix with a tube of touch up paint like I have for my car. Anyone have a color match paint for the Prime in RED?

Screenshot (10).png

Tracking Number

Posted by Danh on Oct 28, 2020 (Jan 14, 2021) - General Discussions

Anybody else having thier tracking showing deliveried but yet to get thier bike? How much longer did it take to actually receive the bike?

Nireeka Prime Derailleur Alignment

Posted by Max Shojaie on Nov 7, 2020 (Jan 14, 2021) - Prime

Hello all, As we received some reports regarding the derailleur alignment issue from the Prime owners, the Nireeka technical team started investigating the issue to find possible solutions. We suspect some parts causing this but we're not quite sure yet so please give us a few more days to find ...

Hello, So I just received delivery of my Prime (pictures soon!). When I push the bike backwards, the motor makes a clicking noise. Just wanted to know: 1. Normal? 2. If normal, does it damage the motor by pushing bike backwards? (Yes, I know bikes are supposed to go forward, ...

Just wanted to say...

Posted by Scott on Jan 12, 2021 (Jan 12, 2021) - Prime

After waiting since June. My bike has finally arrived. I wanted to use this forum to say great job Nireeka! Not a single blemish thankfully. Casette lined up perfectly. Preset on controller seams to be tuned very well on all PAS settings as well as alot less motor noise than ...

Homie battery removal

Posted by Jim on Jan 6, 2021 (Jan 10, 2021) - Prime

How do you remove the battery on a Homie?


Posted by Michael on Sep 21, 2020 (Jan 10, 2021) - Prime

Were headlights an option I missed?

Nireeka Prime

Posted by Younes on Aug 13, 2020 (Jan 9, 2021) - Photo Gallery

Post the pictures of your Nireeka Prime here.


Posted by Graham on Dec 26, 2020 (Jan 5, 2021) - General Discussions

How many other Nireeka owners are there in Melbourne? I am receiving my new Homie end January/February 2021 and would like to meet/set up a Nireeka club - meet for coffee/rides etc. Besides discussions on our fablous bikes, coffee and making new friends - it would be a great way ...

Basket for Shopping

Posted by Robert on Nov 24, 2020 (Dec 22, 2020) - General Discussions

I just purchased a Prime and while waiting, I would like to consider a small basket for shopping trips. While I know most people will want to use their Prime for pleasure, some of us will want to make a short trip to the market for food etc.... Can anyone ...

Battery auto shut off

Posted by Beau on Oct 17, 2020 (Dec 21, 2020) - Prime

When can we see an update regarding the battery auto shut off timer?


Posted by Liviu on Dec 21, 2020 (Dec 21, 2020) - Prime

Has anyone the PRIME the new lockable air fork with rebound adjustment? I would like to know if it really works well !! THANKS !!

is the bike that unreliable because I read a lot of stories here of not delivering, parts not working and such, it is a lot of bad info for somebody like me who likes the appeal of the bike . is there a second-hand prime bike for sale here? it's ...



Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 13, 2020 (Dec 14, 2020) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Hello our loyal customers, As you know we have been working hard for more than a year on our NSD and invested around $90K not only to keep all the promised features but to add some more features to make Nireeka the smartest bike ever. Please stay tuned for more ...

Update on wip for the NSD

Posted by Sven on Oct 18, 2020 (Dec 14, 2020) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers

front brake caliper

Posted by Robert on Dec 8, 2020 (Dec 8, 2020) - Installation Guides

The front brake is rubbing How to adjust this?

Battery and charger issue

Posted by Jason on Nov 4, 2020 (Dec 6, 2020) - General Discussions

I got my bike last Saturday order number 8916, I have it assembled and checked but an ebike specialist, brought it home and charge the battery overnight, the bike come with 19% charge, so after overnight it only goes to 49%, I notice the charge ( quick charger) fan isn’t ...

WIP#2: The fork

WIP#2: The fork

Posted by Max Shojaie on Sep 2, 2020 (Dec 6, 2020) - Prime

Almost half of the customers chose the suspension fork over the default one. Fortunately, despite the lockdown and delay in the supply chain, all the parts are showing up these days and we're going to start the assembling from the beginning of July. This will enable us to ship the ...

Tracking info for Order/Build/Ship

Posted by Gregory on Aug 31, 2020 (Dec 5, 2020) - General Discussions

What’s the best path for me to inquire about the projected shipping date for a Prime ordered/paid for on May 13 2020. Order number 7595.


Query regarding mounting a headlight

Posted by Jasper on Oct 2, 2020 (Dec 4, 2020) - Prime

Hello My prime is on it's way and I'm excited so I'm checking for a headlight for it I found one I want that's compatible with bafang mid drive and I read somewhere that there should be a cable to connect the headlight to anyway what I wanted to ask ...


Posted by George Crown on Nov 28, 2020 (Dec 3, 2020) - General Discussions

I was wondering why on full throttle I can only get up to 16.5 miles per hour on a flat surface and not 20 MPH as advertised. In Peddle assist I can get up to 24.5 but not 28 MPH in the PA 5. Otherwise the bike performs fine. Is ...