I just ordered blazing red Revenant at Indiegogo!

I'm very excited to receive it soon!!!! Jack was so helpful. I'm assured all customs processing will be done by Nireeka team! 馃槏


ByRodney AugustineDec 05Prime

Suspension forks install

I got the suspension forks but now see both forks are different as the original forks have a big bearing fitting at the bottom once you put the forks onto the frame it is bigger than the suspension forks as it鈥檚 smaller so what鈥檚 missing? Or needed ? Or there

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Nireeka Revenant POV

We were trying to film this for a long time but didn't have a chance until now. I hope you enjoy it.

Younes and I always loved racing for as long as I remember. It doesn't matter what vehicle we're riding, we always try to find somewhere to race.


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BySunchit GeorgeDec 01Prime

Suspension stem and Suspension seat post on PRIME

Hi, Has anyone tried Suspension stem and Suspension seat post on their Prime.I didnt want to add front air suspension fork on Prime as it would loose its aesthetic looks which is one of the main factor of Prime.My usage will not be rocky or technical climbs as i have

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ByJeff PenderDec 01Prime

Manufacturing time?

6 weeks in and just hit 80% for my Prime. How long as the build taken for others? This is painful to wait, and then know there are still ~2 months for shipping.


ByChris KeimNov 30Prime


Anyone have pro tips for riding and maintaining your Prime in winter conditions? My chain sounds like it is starting to slip. Any ideas?

Customer Support

I want to thank the Nireeka customer service team for the speed with which they solved a problem with the battery-charger. It's a relief to have fast and trouble-free solutions

Tips for increasing your cycling speed

1. The easiest way is to lean over. The biggest issue that affects riding speed is wind resistance. The easiest way is to lean down slightly on the upper body and lean against the handlebars as much as possible to reduce the area where the body is in contact with

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Import to Germany / Customs duties


Any german customers here, who can tell me something about the import completion and customs duties?

I just backed a perk via indiegogo and want to know if I have to inform the german customs about the shipping or if I dont have to actively do anything.


ByShaun ClarkeNov 19Prime


Is there an option to put ABS on a Nireeka Prime? I just got my prime after the new bike came out.

I got my Revenant! And it鈥檚 awesome!!

Hey everyone! So, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Revenant early, and so far I鈥檓 really impressed. I rode it for the first time today it鈥檚 very smooth. It got dark outside fast, so I didn鈥檛 have much time to test it out today, but I

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ByShaun ClarkeNov 19Prime

Huge shout out to Nireeka

Thanks to the customer service department for taken action on a issue I posted last week about my charger. Without asking, they overnight me a new fasts charger to my house that working. Compared to the original charger, I now know that one is dead since the fan is not

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Nireeka Revenant, new product launch

Are you ready and as excited as all of us here at Nireeka!? The wait is over, and our campaign is LIVE now. There are only 20 bikes in the VIP perk so hurry up to get your bike in the first hour of the campaign. After that, the prices

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WIP update for NSD

Dear all is a wihle ago that we had the last update, any news whats going on will you ever finish this development, and if so whats the final time frame.


ByShaun ClarkeNov 09Prime

Front rotor sound

Not sure if anybody else is having this issue, but my front rotor is rubbing adjust my brake pad as I'm riding on it. Is there a way to adjust it.


ByShaun ClarkeNov 09Prime

Suspension adjustment

I weighed about 200. How much air or psi should I put in my suspension fork? Also how do you adjust the fork. The manual isn't clear and it feels rough gone up and down curbs.

Mega Happy

Just been out for my 1st ride on. For an exceptionally unfit man to do a 5 mile ride in less than 15minutes including climbing up the bostal ( A local challenge for all the cycle clubs) is amazing and recorded 53MPH down the long downhill section. To anybody anxious

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I bought it today

I hope it will be delivered in March

Luggage Rack for Prime?

Would love to see a rear luggage rack that could be safely mounted on the Prime without damage to the frame - something sturdy enough to carry a spare battery, heavy lock and chain, and a lunch box, that has the same style and feel as the Prime frame.


After 7 months of waiting finally I got it. So satisfying. I almost loose hope. Tomorrow I got to try it.


ByJohn SchultzOct 18Prime

What size Prime should I choose?

I am concerned which frame size to buy. I am 5'11" with a 32" inseam and ride a 58cm road and gravel bike. I have noticed comments on YouTube that the frame felt too small when the person was 5'9". i don't want to feel jammed on the frame and

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ByJeff PenderOct 17Prime

Dropper seat post

Is there any way to add a dropper seat post to the Prime? I assume you cannot, but maybe?


ByJeff PenderOct 15Prime

Brake sensor?

Hello - does the Prime have any built in sensor that shuts the motor off when the brakes are applied? I think that is called a brake sensor?

When Should the Chain be Maintained?

1. Reduced shifting performance during riding.

2. There is too much dust or sludge on the chain.

3. Noise is generated when the transmission system is running.

4. There is a rattling sound when pedaling due to the dry chain.

5. Place for a long time after raining.

6. When

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gear and chain wear from motor strain on 1500w Prime

Love the bike so far, now that I got a mechanic to bleed the rear brakes.

How are the gears and chain holding up for veteran riders?

I'm curious to know what kind of life I should expect out of those components since there is superhuman stress loaded onto those

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