Max Shojaie

Suspension Seatpost Vs. Dropper Seatpost

Max Shojaie @max-22 Nireeka Official Team 9 months ago
Nireeka Official Team

Many customers ask if they can install a dropper seatpost on the Prime while they're actually referring to a suspension seatpost. These two parts are not the same, but they're two different concepts in two different worlds! I tried to explain it in a few lines as simply as possible.

A Dropper seatpost allows you to adjust the saddle height without requiring you to get off your bike or even stop moving by pushing a lever on the handlebar, exactly like your gear shifter.
Simply stated, when riding in a seated position, push the lever and your body weight will drop the post all the way down. While standing, push the lever again and the dropper post will pop back up into a pre-set riding position.

Our recommendation: Rockshox Reverb Stealth (

Suspension Seatpost:
This seatpost is like a suspension on a bike. It will be used for absorbing the road bumps. As simple as that!

Our recommendation: Kinekt (