Max Shojaie

WIP#1: Making the frames

Max Shojaie @max-22 Nireeka Official Team 1 year ago
Nireeka Official Team

WIP#1: Making the frames

Carbon Fiber frames
In carbon fiber frame manufacturing, as a less number of detached parts are used, it will end up with a stiffer and lighter structure. As was promised, we have designed and developed a Monocoque carbon fiber frame which is a single-part structure (Mainframe) with no adhesive material used to connect the parts, resulting in greater stiffness and lighter frame t the same time. As you maybe know this is the most advanced method in the industry.

The following video shows the four main steps for making a frame including laying up, EPS Molding, Trimming, Sanding/Finishing and we will send the frame to the painting department when we have at least 100 frames ready which will be in a month or so.