How do I install the Torque Sensor Package?

I received the Torque Sensor Package today, but it did not come with any installation instructions.
Do you have any instructions or videos to help me with the installation process?

What I found when I actually did the work.
- Important: You need a 48V battery & 500w Moter.

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ByYounes Shojaie·Aug 13, 2020·Photo Gallery

Nireeka Ebike Gallery

Post the pictures of your Nireeka ebike here.


ByJeff Denney·Aug 15, 2020·Prime

Brake Sensors

Hello. Will I be able to add brake sensors to the Prime if I choose not to upgrade to the NSD?


ByMichael Means·Sep 21, 2020·Prime


Were headlights an option I missed?

Basket for Shopping

I just purchased a Prime and while waiting, I would like to consider a small basket for shopping trips. While I know most people will want to use their Prime for pleasure, some of us will want to make a short trip to the market for food etc....

Can anyone

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ByMax Shojaie·Aug 12, 2020·Feature Request

Feature Request


Please share your requested features with us. Like the feature, if you're also interested in. The most popular features will be added.

Thank you

Update on wip for the NSD

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers


ByRommel Rivera·Oct 31, 2020·Photo Gallery

Pearlized vs Standard Red

Could folks please post pictures of the Homie or Prime in pearlized red and in standard red? The Nireeka website uses the same picture for both colors, so one can't tell the difference when ordering. Thank you.


Here is a quick demonstration of the final version of the NSD.

We're using a touchscreen 6.53 inches smartphone-type display with 720x1600 pixels resolution on the NSD.

All the promised features are included.

The NSD will be replaced with your current Nireeka display. It's plug&play.


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Rims option

Will Nireeka propose hollowed rims one day ?
Something like the DT Swiss BR 2250 Classic 26" Fatbike (pic. enclosed) for instance ?
First of all those rims are beautiful (as the Prime is and therefore more up to the standard of this beautiful bike than the stock ones i

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Brake Upgrade to 203mm disks

Upgrading the Homie to 203mm disks is not trivial, at least what the rear wheel is concerned.
For the front wheel the Shimano adapter SM-MA-F203P/P fits perfectly and the entire exercise is each.
For the rear wheel I have not found a fitting adapter.
I tried the Shimano SM-MA-F203P/PM is

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I was wondering why on full throttle I can only get up to 16.5 miles per hour on a flat surface and not 20 MPH as advertised. In Peddle assist I can get up to 24.5 but not 28 MPH in the PA 5. Otherwise the bike performs fine. Is

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DP C18

Can someone tell me how to set the tire size on the DP C18? Also, what is the difference between ECO and sport? TIA

Standard or custom

Just wondering if the NSD will be on the PRIME that I ordered?


ByMax Shojaie·Sep 5, 2020·Announcements

New Battery Chargers!

We'll be using these new chargers from now on. This charger model comes with some cool and crucial features such as a cooling fan, protection fuse, aluminum shell to ward off heat, universal input, and some others as following:

Technical Parameters:
Input: 110-240V AC, 50Hz,
Output: [email protected] / [email protected] /

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Battery Voltage

My 48V Homie battery shows only the red light. When I first charged it, one of the green lights didn't illuminate after charging and it showed 50.+V.
After 5 total miles ridden the display showed 46V.
The charger is putting out 25 volts and the battery illuminates only the red

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Is this normal on the front fork?

Hi guys!! my wife pointed out to me that the front fork air nobs were different to each other. Does anyone knows if that's normal and the way it comes? And does the homie comes with a kickstand? Plz let me know if anyone knows so I can open another

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48v headlight wiring

Is it possible to mount a 48v headlight on the Prime ? I believe that the DP C18 can switch on and off a headlight, but i suppose that it requires some special wiring on the motor cables, and on that topic, will the NSD control the headlight switching as

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Received after a long wait - BUT - everything was PERFECT!
Unpacking and putting together took all of 30 minutes as packed so well.
Watched a few unpacking videos on uTube -and everything went accordingly.
Received battery a month earlier - battery charger arrived with bike.
Charged, attached and off

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Chain coming off on Homie

I've watched a couple of video's of the Homie's chain continually coming off. Is this an issue that is still out there or has it been corrected. Also, is it a matter of tightening the derailleur correctly?

is there a second hand market for these bikes and who is selling their prime

is the bike that unreliable because I read a lot of stories here of not delivering, parts not working and such, it is a lot of bad info for somebody like me who likes the appeal of the bike .
is there a second-hand prime bike for sale here?

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New Forums!


This is Max, the CEO. I'm pleased to introduce to you the new forums system. Why do we have this system? There are some points:

1. HAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: Unlike the last two forums, you can log in to this system using your Nireeka username/password. So you

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About torque sensors and NSDs

There is a lot of confusion and confusing information about NSDs and torque sensors.

The questions are as follows

1. Does NSD include a torque sensor?
2. is the cost of the torque sensor you are paying for earlier in the IGG the cost of the upgraded 4G version of

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Torque Sensor

On a visual inspection of your Nireeka Bike, how does one know the Torque pkg was installed? Newbe Question but I have no clue Thks for any comments

Max payload

Wondering what max payload is cause im a monster of a man at 360lbs 6'6" the bike with the 1000 watt motor is aopealing to me. But i need to know if im too big. I read the manual & it said nothing about weight limit.


ByMax Shojaie·Sep 3, 2020·Announcements

ANNOUNCEMENT#1: New Support System

A new section "Support" added to the Customer Panel.

From this section you can create a ticket and get support from the Nireeka team directly; fast, easy, and clean.

Soon you will have everything related to your bike in one single system.


ByFranklyn Berry·Jan 25, 2021·Prime

Wheel size?

Just ordered a Prime, and I'd like to start building my "winter wheel".

What size rim does the Prime use? 26" x 'which' width? Im guessing 3". Is the
rim supplier known?



ByJim Desposito·Jan 6, 2021·Prime

Homie battery removal

How do you remove the battery on a Homie?


Where can I get fenders for the NIREEKA HOMIE?



I was wandering where this bike ships from and the time frame for delivery toFrankfort Kentucky in the USA.


ByMax Shojaie·Jun 18, 2021·Prime

Suspension Fork Vs Solid Fork

In the following pictures you can compare the suspension fork with the carbon fiber fork visually.

Befang 1000 Watt Motor

At high toque levels I have notice that the gears in the motor are slipping. At first I thought it was the de-reailers, but I took it to my local e-bike repair shop who pointed out that is was the internal gears in the motor that were slipping. Has anyone

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Yess!! Finally.

Thank you Nireeka!! I finally got my charger today and you were right, it was the charger. my battery changed right away but I couldn't ride NY streets because streets were too wet. Tomorrow I'll ride first thing and finally enjoy the bike and fortunately before the snow lol. Thanks

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I have a Nyx and there's like zero documentation that I can find. There's a button on the side by the key hole. WHAT DOES IT DO?!

Prime Replacement Battery

So I ordered the highest capacity battery for my early build Prime. Awaiting a few days for a confirmation and crickets. Im anxious to get my bike back up and running. Can anyone please provide any ideas on lead time to Ca?


ByJasper Northrop·Oct 2, 2020·Prime

Query regarding mounting a headlight

My prime is on it's way and I'm excited so I'm checking for a headlight for it
I found one I want that's compatible with bafang mid drive and I read somewhere that there should be a cable to connect the headlight to
anyway what I wanted to ask

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I was totally wrong!!

I just got my Nireeka homie this past Friday and was a bit frustrated and confused. Not knowing exactly what I bought. I used it over the weekend on and off and now I'm in love with the bike. The support bin good. I still have some concerns about the

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Mountain Biking

So, how is the Homie on mountain bike trails? Does the full suspension react well to drops/jumps?


ByYounes Shojaie·Oct 16, 2020·Announcements

Prime "L" Frame Size

Based on many requests that we received from you to have a larger frame size for Prime, we would like to announce that the 19'' frame molding process is done now, and the manufacturing phase has been started.
You can now order the "L" frame size from the link below.

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Prime Unboxing

If you don't have any idea how to put the Prime together, please check the following video:


ByYuteng Lin·Aug 28, 2020·Prime

how to fill air for front suspension

the default pressure of front fork may be not suitable for everyone.
I got a supper soft one.
And I also want to learn how to adjust SAG for myself, thus I bought a air pump specified for air suspension.

please check this video

however, filled as the suggesting

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Design of the day!

We're thrilled to announce that the Nireeka Nyx has been selected as the Design of the day. More details:


ByMichael Means·Nov 23·Prime

Taking the Prime kickstand off

Does anyone know how to remove the prime kickstand. It rattles too much and I would like to take it off but don't know how.


ByDaniel Stapleton·Aug 30, 2021·Prime


Anyone have a picture with the Kickstand installed?

United Kingdom

Hi, Does anyone know if the UK Has a supplier for Nireeka ?


ByMax Shojaie·Sep 2, 2020·Prime

WIP#5: Shipping - First batch

Good news! The first batch of the Prime bikes has been shipped today, as promised.


ByBrad Bimson·Aug 17·Prime

Bike is non-responsive less than 24 hours after assembling

Got the bike on Monday. Assembled it and rode it that night and again when I got home on Tue. In the middle of my Tue night ride, the bike just shut off and will not re-start or re-boot. All the wiring that I can get to checks out fine.

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ByLarry Sudara·Sep 18, 2020·Prime

Battery Details

Is there something wrong with my battery? It is not displaying any info.

Bike rack

What is the best rack for the nireeka prime bike


How did you manage your nireeka transportation with your car..?
Not easy with all systems
Did you put à central bar to block the bike or ?

NIREEKA homie 1000 watt 48 VOLT BATTERY DISPLAY DROPS 20% increments

my battery display will only show 100%,80,60% ETC and not show accurate readings

Nireeka homie 1000 watt rear hub motor info

does anyone have any info on the 1000 watt rear hub I am wondering what the internal speed control specs are 25 amp or 30 amp etc .how do I add Bluetooth

Battery not charging

I sent a video showing my battery won't charge. They admitted the old batteries are bad and they were going to replace it with the new ones they just got. But now they changed their mind and won't be sending me one and said I now need to buy one

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Homie computer error 8

How do I fix this? My throttle doesn't work at all. The rear tire was repaired. There was no barrel connection for easy repair. We know we turn on the bike computer and it says Error 8. Please help.

Larger motor for Homie

Has anyone tried to swap the 500w motor for a larger motor on the Homie????

Bunny Hop

Has anyone tried to bunny hop their homie or is it too heavy?


Stolen Bikes!

Hello everyone,

If you're considering buying a used Nireeka product, please make sure you check the frame number with the Nireeka agents before placing the order.

While we're monitoring online shops like eBay for such cases to find the stolen bikes, we're still missing a few. Based on our latest

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I love my new bike but it goes way too fast. I set the speed limit and that helps. But with the lower speed, there is no difference between the levels of assist. Is the level of assist actually levels of speed and not level of assist? If it is

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Pushing the bike BACKWARDS...Is it harmful to the motor?

So I just received delivery of my Prime (pictures soon!). When I push the bike backwards, the motor makes a clicking noise. Just wanted to know:
1. Normal?
2. If normal, does it damage the motor by pushing bike backwards? (Yes, I know bikes are supposed to go forward,

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ByMax Shojaie·Jul 24, 2021·Prime

Suspension Seatpost Vs. Dropper Seatpost

Many customers ask if they can install a dropper seatpost on the Prime while they're actually referring to a suspension seatpost. These two parts are not the same, but they're two different concepts in two different worlds! I tried to explain it in a few lines as simply as possible.

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