Chassis Robustness & Emergencies

Posted by Mitchel on Nov 24, 2020 (Jun 9, 2022) - General Discussions

So I'm biking home tonight... and this thing shows up out of nowhere. I now know that I can forcefully bunny-hop the Nireeka Homie in a pinch. Emergency hopping a combined ~114kg (250lbs) was not fun, but I am not dead, and the bike took it like champ. Almost 1000km ...


Posted by Max Shojaie on Mar 31, 2022 (Jun 22, 2022) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Here is a quick demonstration of the final version of the NSD. Specs: We're using a touchscreen 6.53 inches smartphone-type display with 720x1600 pixels resolution on the NSD. Features: All the promised features are included. Installation: The NSD will be replaced with your current Nireeka display. It's plug&play. Connectivity: ...

Nireeka Ebike Gallery

Nireeka Ebike Gallery

Posted by Younes on Aug 13, 2020 (Jun 11, 2022) - Photo Gallery

Post the pictures of your Nireeka ebike here.


Posted by Graham on Apr 1, 2021 (Jun 9, 2022) - General Discussions

Received after a long wait - BUT - everything was PERFECT! Unpacking and putting together took all of 30 minutes as packed so well. Watched a few unpacking videos on uTube -and everything went accordingly. Received battery a month earlier - battery charger arrived with bike. Charged, attached and off ...

I was totally wrong!!

Posted by Rafael on Sep 29, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

I just got my Nireeka homie this past Friday and was a bit frustrated and confused. Not knowing exactly what I bought. I used it over the weekend on and off and now I'm in love with the bike. The support bin good. I still have some concerns about the ...


Since it's almost impossible to ride a bike during autumn and especially winter in many regions, it's essential to keep your bike and battery in proper condition to avoid any damage. Please check the following FAQ: 1. How and where should I store my Nireeka bike? The first thing you ...

Just wanted to say...

Posted by Scott on Jan 12, 2021 (Jun 9, 2022) - Prime

After waiting since June. My bike has finally arrived. I wanted to use this forum to say great job Nireeka! Not a single blemish thankfully. Casette lined up perfectly. Preset on controller seams to be tuned very well on all PAS settings as well as alot less motor noise than ...


Homie battery longevity

Posted by Rohan on May 27, 2022 (May 27, 2022) - Photo Gallery

For those who are curious, I'm happy to report that after three years my original Homie battery is about to the pass 10,000 kilometer mark. This battery has recently been struggling when climbing steep hills under full power but is still going.

Update on wip for the NSD

Posted by Sven on Oct 18, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

Can we have an update please when we will see the NSD shipt out to the customers

Yess!! Finally.

Posted by Rafael on Oct 17, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

Thank you Nireeka!! I finally got my charger today and you were right, it was the charger. my battery changed right away but I couldn't ride NY streets because streets were too wet. Tomorrow I'll ride first thing and finally enjoy the bike and fortunately before the snow lol. Thanks ...


This is a great comparison video by the Nireeka owner Nicholas Raftopoulos.

New Forums!

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 12, 2020 (Apr 28, 2022) - General Discussions

Hello. This is Max, the CEO. I'm pleased to introduce to you the new forums system. Why do we have this system? There are some points: 1. HAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: Unlike the last two forums, you can log in to this system using your Nireeka username/password. So you ...

Befang 1000 Watt Motor

Posted by Luis on Mar 31, 2021 (Mar 20, 2022) - General Discussions

At high toque levels I have notice that the gears in the motor are slipping. At first I thought it was the de-reailers, but I took it to my local e-bike repair shop who pointed out that is was the internal gears in the motor that were slipping. Has anyone ...

Feature Request

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 12, 2020 (Mar 20, 2022) - Feature Request

Hello, Please share your requested features with us. Like the feature, if you're also interested in. The most popular features will be added. Thank you

Torque sensor and motor upgrade videos

Hi, first video of the series. Quite vloggy, raw one, showing you the parts and the overview of the upgrade path. Enjoy! Second video is online:

How do I install the Torque Sensor Package?

I received the Torque Sensor Package today, but it did not come with any installation instructions. Do you have any instructions or videos to help me with the installation process? What I found when I actually did the work. - Important: You need a 48V battery & 500w Moter. It ...