Error 7

Posted by Yury on Nov 20, 2021 (Nov 24, 2021) - NSD (Nireeka Smart Display)

It continually shows error 7 and the bike does not work apparently error 7 is the motor, how can I fix it?


Posted by Ken on Nov 15, 2021 (Nov 15, 2021) - General Discussions

What are the differences between the 2 fork options?

color choices

Posted by Paul on Nov 14, 2021 (Nov 15, 2021) - Feature Request

I must be an idiot but the small size comes only in White?


Posted by Daren on Oct 21, 2021 (Nov 12, 2021) - General Discussions

Where can I get fenders for the NIREEKA HOMIE? Thx! Daren


Prime "L" Frame Size

Posted by Younes on Oct 16, 2020 (Nov 12, 2021) - Announcements

Based on many requests that we received from you to have a larger frame size for Prime, we would like to announce that the 19'' frame molding process is done now, and the manufacturing phase has been started. You can now order the "L" frame size from the link below. ...

Power cut out during braking

Posted by Kevin on Nov 1, 2021 (Nov 2, 2021) - General Discussions

When braking does power automatically cut out on Homie? Prime?

Gear Sensor

Posted by Ralf on Sep 3, 2021 (Oct 31, 2021) - Prime

Since shifting is sometimes really noisy with a cracking sound esp. with that 1kw motor, has anyone fitted a gear sensor like that one: Maybe improve shifting and endurance. Ralf

DP C18

Posted by John on Oct 29, 2021 (Oct 31, 2021) - General Discussions

Can someone tell me how to set the tire size on the DP C18? Also, what is the difference between ECO and sport? TIA


Posted by Bob on Oct 29, 2021 (Oct 30, 2021) - General Discussions

Where can I find the complete specs on all Nireeka eBikes? Thanks

Side Mirror

Posted by Ross on Oct 12, 2021 (Oct 19, 2021) - Feature Request

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has tried a left-side mounted mirror? If so, do you have the inside the grip area mount? Or, did you go with the clamp-on type and mount it next to the grip? I appreciate any experiences with your choice. Thank you, Ross


Posted by Graham on Apr 1, 2021 (Oct 11, 2021) - General Discussions

Received after a long wait - BUT - everything was PERFECT! Unpacking and putting together took all of 30 minutes as packed so well. Watched a few unpacking videos on uTube -and everything went accordingly. Received battery a month earlier - battery charger arrived with bike. Charged, attached and off ...


Where can I ride my new eBike? California adopted new laws for legal eBikes in 2015, breaking the bikes down into three classes. The classifications are primarily based on where they are allowed to operate. AB 1096: Electric Bicycles This is the law that defines electric bicycles as those with ...

Prime Unboxing

Prime Unboxing

Posted by Max Shojaie on Aug 13, 2020 (Oct 9, 2021) - Installation Guides

If you don't have any idea how to put the Prime together, please check the following video:

Weight limitations

Posted by Steve on Oct 8, 2021 (Oct 8, 2021) - General Discussions

I’m a heavy rider and want to know the maximum payload weight for the different models. Which one would be suitable, if any for ~320 lbs (150kg) with gear?


Since it's almost impossible to ride a bike during autumn and especially winter in many regions, it's essential to keep your bike and battery in proper condition to avoid any damage. Please check the following FAQ: 1. How and where should I store my Nireeka bike? The first thing you ...

Power is on / Battery 100%

Posted by Eric on Sep 27, 2021 (Sep 27, 2021) - Prime

I have a 100 % battery I engage the throttle no movement ...I lift the bike up wheels do not spin when engaging the throttle

Digging my Homes!

Posted by Rommel on May 17, 2021 (Sep 27, 2021) - General Discussions

Folks, after getting over the disappointment of an ill-fitting seat post, I can honestly say that I am really enjoying my gen-3 Nireeka Homie. For an e-mountain bike with all these features, I find it really easy to load onto my bike carrier. I have taken it for rides on ...


Stolen Bikes!

Posted by Max Shojaie on Jun 24, 2021 (Sep 23, 2021) - General Discussions

Hello everyone, If you're considering buying a used Nireeka product, please make sure you check the frame number with the Nireeka agents before placing the order. While we're monitoring online shops like eBay for such cases to find the stolen bikes, we're still missing a few. Based on our latest ...